Printable Rock Painting Patterns

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How to make painted rocks? Fill your passion for the art painting on the rocks with these amazing 90 easy rock painting ideas for beginners that make the best ever inspirations. Painted rocks are top in the list of fun summer craftsthat you can do with your kids!

43) Make Painting Rock for The Kindness Rocks:

They are the best DIY Crafts for those who love to do small, less time taking but useful crafts in their spare time. Are you interested in rock painting to do with your kids for your home and garden decor?

We have a big roundup of easy rock painting ideas for beginners that will help you create all sorts of decor and crafts out of rocks.

You can use painted rocks in decorating your indoor or outdoor life. The list will provide you epic painted pebbles art decor that you can use in your outdoor landscaping projects for added visual like in decorating your green garden space and to spruce up your patio.

Everything that is in your imaginations, you can paint on the rocks to make exciting art pieces and decor crafts out of river rocks. At the same time, you can also paint cute faces on them to create fabulous kawaii decor with given examples of painted rocks.

Bring the rock painting game to the next level and do lovely kindness rock projects that will provide never-ending fun to you, your kids and friends for sure.

Provide the hours of fun to your kids by making adorable little tic tac toe games and puzzle games for them using the painted rocks.

83) Painted Rocks Photo Holder:

Next, you can go smart with these rock painting patterns to do further fantastic DIY home projects. Add up the painted rocks with wire and make lovely photo holders and paint vegetables on the rocks.

77) How to Create Painted Rocks For Kids:

20) How to Paint Muppet Rocks:

You also write plant names on them and get vegetable and herb garden markers, will make dramatic garden decor there for sure.

29) Make a Sweet Little Painted Mouse Rocks:

Put together the painted rocks for making wild animal puzzles and also add up the painted rocks with yarn hairs to make super cute painted rocks pets. Please the jewelry wearers by making bizarre rings and necklaces out of painted rocks.

4) Painted Animal Rocks:

Browse the entire list of easy painted rock ideas to see more amazing craft projects that you can do with painted rocks.

87) Mother’s Day Rocks:

Make fantastic decor for your outdoors by cute rockpainting ideas! Use your favorite acrylic paints and then paint your favorite art, shapes, and patterns on the rocks and set them as visually captivating decor at your outdoor and indoor.

23) DIY Rock Photo Holders:

See these samples that are great inspirations here colormadehappy. If you are sorting out the free rock painting ideas and want really want to make painted rocks for your garden.

59) DIY Nail Polish Dipped Painted Rocks:

Then do try these ladybug painted rocks that are super easy to paint using the acrylic paints. Time to boost the visual appeal of your garden with these painted rock ladybugs.

31) How To Make a Flamingo Rock Puzzle:

Details here craftsbyamanda. Lacking some magnet accents and decor to hang your messages and photos on a metallic memo board on in the front of a refrigerator then do make some quick ones using the painted rocks ideas.

54) How to Make a Rock Painting:

21) DIY Painted Rocks with Puffy Paint:

Paint your favorite arts on the rocks and then finish them with the round mini magnets glued to their bottom side and that’s it.

79) Easy Painted Rock Flowers:

Do also amazing crafting projects with the painted rock animals, paint the woodland animals on the rocks and then use them as great décor for your woodland inspired magnets, would be a breeze to paint for sure.

71) Painted Rock Paper Dolls:

Stare at the given below samples and do clone them for decided woodland décor plans. Details here decoart.

48) Dot Painting on Rocks:

Are you deeply in love with the sugar skulls and the other art inspired by the sugar skulls?

45) How to Make Painted Monster Rocks:

Then do paint the rocks for an instant beautiful sugar skull art and use them in your decided and respective decorative plans, another great addition to painted rock ideas give a white base coat, paint black skull eyes and face and then paint colorful painted flowers as you can see.

78) Fairy Doors from Rocks:

Have you aimed to use easy things to paint for improve the decor of your garden and outdoor?

72) Patriotic Painted Rock Crafts:

Then do make interesting panted garden markers and the trick is to paint the rocks in the way you like. And then to write the names of the vegetables and fruits on them.

81) Hand Painted Rock Garden Markers:

Complete details here craftsbyamanda. Dazzle your garden audience with these painted rock garden markers that you can quickly make by painting some monster vegetable faces on the rocks and this is going to be big fun if you involve also the kids in this project.

14) DIY Owl Painted Rocks:

Here the painted rock scary pumpkins can also be used as great Halloween decor. If you want some colorful and dramatic decor out of the painted rocks then you will definitely like these painted start wars jawa rocks.

40) DIY Painted Rocks Baby Bootes:

Every lover of star wars series would also be a big fan of these rocks that are as simple as ABC to paint at home.

35) DIY Kandinsky Inspired Rock Art:

Start painting these rocks by giving a brown base coat. Details here colorful-crafts. Also, paint the flowers on the rocks and gain flawless decor out of them.

73) How to Make Neon Painted Rocks:

1) How to Make Painting Rocks:

And if you are sorting out some perfect inspirations for painting flowers on the rocks then do check out these daisy painted rocks.

22) DIY Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft for Kids:

You can be set as a great garden or outdoor decor and are quick to paint if you use daisy flower stencils. Time to display the whole universe on the rocks using your painting and art skills.

60) How to Make Painted Rock Plant Markers:

The trick is to simply paint the mandalas on the rocks. The mandalas are the perfect patterns to paint on the rocks. Details here colorful-crafts. Bring the game of painting the galaxies on the rocks to next level and paint the galaxy art shapes and symbols of them instead of merely the galaxies, this is going to be a more fun and you can see these given painted rock cactus art, moon galaxy art and also the heart shape painted rock galaxy art.

53) Kid-made Rock Doll Faces:

Details here colormadehappy. It would be a great idea to paint the letters and alphabets on the rocks. If you need to use them for special decor you need to create a personal statement with.

5) Painted Skull Rock:

Moreover, the letter painted stone decor would rock to make the accent monograms, name letter decor and you can also plan them to convey some messages.

The owls are most loved character in the crafting world the owl décor theme is highly popular around the globe.

55) Paint Your Own Color Rock Dominoes:

Make also the owl painted rocks that can be added as great accents to your environments and spaces decorated on an owl theme. Moreover, they will also make great gifts for owl lovers and also cute wall art signs.

Lacking of some accent paperweights to put on the paper stocks and files placed over your office desk? Then the painted rocks would be perfect replacements for them and do opt for these marbled paperweight rocks that will be super easy to paint and will definitely go eye-catching.

86) Painted Kindness Rocks:

What is you in your imaginations, you can paint on the stones and river rocks and hence can get the decor that are in your need-list.

Here the river rocks have been painted for yellow and black stripes.

Hence have been transformed into a fantastic looking bee painted rocks that will make great garden decor.

37) Easy Rock Animal Giraffe Puzzle:

Do amazing art crafts with the rocks by using simple paint and custom embellishments. Also, transform the rocks into faces of different characters that you personally like, get inspired of these troll painted rocks that will be loved by every kid for sure, Paint the rocks for troll face and then finish with the felt hairs.

36) Cute DIY Snail Rock Craft: