Profile Frames

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If you want to customize your Facebook profile picture, frames have been on the rise to celebrate important events, share the support of a cause, or share a favorite holiday.

Over this past year, people have been showing their support for graduating classes, healthcare workers, social justice issues, and more with profile picture frames.

You can choose from a variety of frames within the Facebook app, such as “Happy Birthday”, “Pride”, or “Quaranteam” but you can also submit your own custom frame for you and your friends to use!

In this tutorial, I’ll go over how to create your own custom profile picture frame to accessing pre-made frames on Facebook. Here are the steps:. Create a Transparent Canvas.

Customize Your Frame with Text, Images, and Emojis. Export and Upload your Custom Frame to Facebook.

How to Access Pre-made Profile Picture Frames. Head over to where you can create and edit your custom profile picture frame. Once you are in Kapwing, select Get started, then choose Start with a blank canvas.

When you enter the Kapwing Studio, the canvas size will be set to 1:1 which is the recommended size for a Facebook profile picture. Next, scroll down to Background Color in the right-hand panel and make the background transparent by selecting No Color, which has white and grey squares and a red line going through it.

Now it’s time to customize your frame. Before you get started, make sure that your design will fit within the profile picture safe area and not the invisible area which is greyed out.

You can create a circle as a guideline on your transparent canvas and customize within the circle area and then remove it when you’re finished.

Step Four: Export and Upload Your Custom Frame to Facebook