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Looking for HTML and CSS menu examples to use in your own websites instead of creating one from scratch? One of the most important parts of any website, and one of the hardest to design and develop, is the navigation menu. Often the browsability of the entire website depends on this menu.

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If the menu is well-designed and visitors can easily find their way around, they are more likely to stay on the website and visit again.

Super Simple CSS Tooltips

This is very important for the success of a business.

In its most basic form, a menu is very simple. It lists all the options that a viewer has to explore. For websites for smaller companies, a horizontal or vertical bar will often do.

Larger websites, such as those for magazines, have more complicated menus. These usually contain many categories and sub-menus. Regardless of the purpose and size of the website, web developers will be interested in this list of HTML and CSS menu examples.

New Zealand Visual Itinerary

For a great source of inspiration, have a look at the list and check the links.

In all, there are more than forty different navigation menu designs on this list. The first CSS menu on the list is by Alberto Hartzet. It is for one-page navigation and it is useful for linking to different sections.

The whole design, including transitions, is based on CSS. Coded by Alex Hart, this pure CSS menu has a simple look. It makes use of the hover effect, which allows the user to see additional information.

Highlight Product Features with CSS Tooltips

Moving the mouse over one of the two cities in the menu, for example, reveals the phone numbers of the different branches.

Made by Thibault D, this features an overlay menu with CSS animations. By moving the mouse over one of the menu links, the text changes color in a nice CSS animation.

It was created by G Rohit. A colored box moves when one of the links is highlighted. It was made by Patak. WoW your clients by creating innovative and response-boosting websitesfast with no coding experience.

HTML CSS And JavaScript Toggle Switch Design Inspiration Examples

Slider Revolution makes it possible for youto have a rush of clients coming to you for trendy website designs.

This unique design by Swarup Kumar Kuila has different menu options that are patterned into joined hexagons. Bright-colored animations grab the attention and indicate the selection.

Scott Kennedy is the designer and coder behind this navigation menu. It is fun because it has an old-school look. CSS keyframes make the effect very pleasing. This is a pure hamburger menu, coded by Nathan Schmidt.

CSS Directional Tooltips

The transition animations are based on CSS. This is a fully responsive simple horizontal menu, coded by John Urbank.

By hovering over one of the options, a dropdown menu appears, giving more choices. It is an ideal choice for websites with few choices that can be shown as block elements.

This is a CSS menu by David. Created by Takane Ichinose, this full-page navigation menu, makes use of the page’s typography and icons as large images. The menu of this classic one-page layout by Alberto Hartzet is navigable with the keyboard.

Alberto Leon created this vertical CSS menu with a dark theme. Jhey has created a full-page CSS-animated menu.

Friendly Little Tooltips + [Animation]

By clicking the hamburger icon in the top left, a selection of purple bubbles appears with the options.

The bubble design is ideal for a cleaning website. Seth Abbott made this pure CSS menu with a simple design. The swinging panels come down to reveal additional categories.

This is a clean CSS menu by Rock Starwind. The user can adjust the number of links at the top horizontal menu. The animated highlight must be set to match the selection to work properly.

How to use it?

The navigation is based on a horizontal bar with dropdown menus. The options in the dropdown menus are in a block format.

The code by Boyd Massie is in pure CSS. This fold-out menu, coded in CSS by Cyd Stumpel is especially suited for mobile devices.

Clicking the three horizontal dots at the top unfolds the animated menu by Mikael Ainalem. The inspiration behind this menu is a table of contents. It is coded by ycw.

This hamburger menu by Virgil Pana folds over a background website to give a clearer idea of what it looks like in real life.

Write JavaScript-less, Dynamic Tooltip Text with CSS

The designer added some JS code to make the animations even smoother. Designed by Antoine Vinial, the expandable horizontal bar has a unique design featuring a green tab.

The tab expands when it is clicked to reveal the horizontal menu. The width of each option adapts to the size of the screen. This is a pure CSS menu, coded in CSS by Erin McKinney.

Designed and coded by alphardex, the text of the menu items fills in blue when hovering over them with the mouse pointer. This is an aesthetically pleasing, yet simple example of a pure CSS menu created by Animated Creativity.

Quick CSS3 tooltips (No images, no js)

The coder of this pure CSS menu, Andrej Sharapov, used a vertical foldout navigation bar.

Jasper LaChance made a menu that radiates out upon clicking the hamburger icon. The differently colored bubbles that appear, contain an icon to direct the user to the place. The bubbles come to life because of the CSS shadow effects that were used.

This is a dropdown menu that was coded in CSS by steven. The focus of this super basic horizontal bar menu is on usability. It was created by Ash Neilson.

This is a horizontal menu with dropdown possibilities, made by Mark. The coding is entirely in HTML and CSS, which makes the effect extra smooth.

Definition of Tab

Vincent Durand made the code in such a way that the menu performs well on any screen.

This different design by Deren is also in pure CSS. The visitor is invited to hover over a blue box. Doing so unfolds the icon-based menu. The CSS effect results in a futuristic 3D effect.

It is made by Jouan Marcel. This seemingly simple navigation bar is full of nice CSS effects. It has beautiful color changes and animated dropdown menus. Adam Kuhn created a mega menu here, with many addable options, such as including images.

Animated CSS Tooltip Concept

This template was created and coded by Sergio Andrade and offers a surprising hamburger menu with cool morphing effects. Ryan Mulligan made this navigation menu. It opens by clicking a toggle icon and the menu that appears relies entirely on CSS for style, animation, and positioning.

This option, coded by Praveen Bisht, is good for landing pages and one-page sites. The menu expands when scrolling down the page. This is a 3-dimensional navigation menu, coded in CSS and HTML by Chenius.

Stéphanie Walter created this responsive horizontal menu bar with sublevels using CSS.