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Chemical-resistant PVC panels for interior wall and ceiling cladding

Create a space that’s functional, hygienic, and sleek with DURACLAD interlocking wall and ceiling liner panels. DURACLAD is ideal for structures that require durable, chemical-resistant, and sanitary spaces such as food service areas, commercial kitchens, healthcare facilities, hospitals, dairy, hog and poultry farms, among others. Its resistance to chemicals allows for frequent cleaning and sanitary maintenance, as well as extended service in harsh chemical environments. DURACLAD can even be printed on and used for both temporary and permanent applications due to its bright white print-ready surface, good ink adhesion properties, and ease of installation (can be fastened directly to wall studs.).

Featuring a multiwall structure, the PVC panels provide a high level of rigidity and strength, plus their interlocking tongue-and-groove edges allow for rapid installation and a smooth and hygienic finish.


Interior: Patient-centric Facilities

Main Benefits

Made in the USA, DURACLAD is the perfect alternative to painted drywall, plasterboard, plywood, and other materials that make sanitation cumbersome. For environments subject to frequent sanitary maintenance, DURACLAD holds up where other products won’t. Rapid tongue-and-groove installation. Hidden fasteners for a smooth finish. Can be fastened directly to wall studs. Easy to clean and sanitize.

Typical Applications

  • Water resistant and rust-proof. Excellent chemical resistance.

  • Resists emitted gasses from animal waste. Superior light reflectance.

  • Attractive high-gloss white finish. Non-flammable and class-A fire rated. Bright white print-ready surface.

  • Panel lengths from 8' to 20'. Dairy, hog, and poultry farms.

Operating Room

Interior: Food Prep & Storage

Food Prep & Storage

Car and truck washes. Restaurant and commercial kitchens. Food and chemical processing plants. Factories and industrial buildings. Meat packing & refrigerated warehouses.

Main Benefits

  • Salt and fertilizer storage. Kennels, marinas, and fisheries.

  • Indoor grow operations. Temporary construction barriers.

  • Dividers in food service areas.

Commercial Kitchen

Interior: Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Areas subject to high foot traffic require cleanable, scratch-resistant surfaces. PVC wall cladding provides full, partial, and narrow wall covering solutions that protect these areas from scratches and impact. Our cladding and liner solutions offer a long service life with minimal maintenance.

Main Benefits

  • Durable material for highly-trafficked environments

  • Will not rust or corrode

  • Long-lasting, even with frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals

Sports Club

Interior: Livestock Containment

Livestock Containment

PVC wall cladding augments agricultural facilities with a durable sanitary surface that helps protect livestock food supply. Our PVC wall cladding and liner solutions are popular for both large and small agricultural facilities for their ability to resist aggressive chemicals and pressure washing cycles. Our neutral materials are non-toxic, and in some variants, actively biocidal.

Main Benefits

  • Resistant to aggressive chemical environments

  • Will not rust or corrode

  • Non-toxic, and in some variants, actively biocidal

Poultry Farm

Interior: Pharmaceutical


Pharmaceutical plants, labs, and research and development facilities require cladding and liner solutions that won’t compromise sterile and sanitary conditions. Our PVC wall cladding and liner solutions allow for easy, repeated, and intensive cleaning cycles with aggressive detergents. For antimicrobial protection, our PALCLAD PRO cladding system features a silver ion-infused proprietary blend that kills or inhibits pathogen growth on contact, including MRSA and VRE, as well as mold and fungi. With high impact strength, it's also resistant to marks and scratches.

Main Benefits

  • Virtually seamless once assembled

  • Zero grime-harboring cracks or crevasses

  • Light yet durable material that’s easy to install

  • Withstands aggressive cleanings and is resistant to stains and spills

  • Can be configured for corners

Pharmaceutical Lab

Exterior: Chemical Processing/Storage

Chemical Processing/Storage

Industrial environments such as mining and chemical processing plants create dust and ash that, when combined with mist, rain, and even saltwater, coat the roofing with a layer of sentiment that is highly corrosive to metals. But not in the case of PALRUF Industrial. These corrugated PVC panels are virtually maintenance free and endure a wide variety of gases and chemicals for the lifespan of the panel—and under the harshest conditions.

Main Benefits

  • Economical alternative to metal

  • Does not rust or corrode

  • Chemical, fire and impact resistant

  • Easy cleaning & maintenance

Processing Plant

Feed Storage Centers

Feed Storage Centers

PALRUF Industrial corrugated PVC sheets are consistently used in feed storage centers, providing superior insulation from moisture to reduce the risk of mold and fungus growth. Our sheets are both durable and leak-proof, and are specifically designed to endure frequent chemical cleanings.

Main Benefits

  • Leak-proof material prevents contamination

  • Endures frequent cleanings with harsh chemicals

  • Easy to install and maintain

Processing Plant


We've developed a CEU course where you can learn about the performance, specifications, & installation considerations of PVC wall cladding systems. The course will explore specific applications for interior PVC cladding and review installation best practices to ensure a successful project.