Pyramid 3d Shape

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A pyramid is a polyhedron for which the base is a polygon and all lateral faces are triangles.

In this lesson, we'll only concern ourselves with pyramids whose lateral faces are congruent — that is, they're the same size and shape.

Technically, when the lateral faces are congruent triangles, the shape is known as a right pyramid, indicating that the apex — the vertex at which the lateral faces meet — is directly above the center of the base.

In this lesson, when we use the term pyramid, we mean a right pyramid. But there are other types of pyramids, too. A pyramid is typically described by the shape of its base.


Explore & Play with Pyramids

Step 1: Create a square

For instance, a triangular pyramid has a base that is a triangle, and a hexagonal pyramid has a base that is a hexagon.

Use the animation below to explore the properties of four pyramids.

Follow the instructions below to change the direction and speed of the prism's rotation and to highlight the numbers of faces (F), vertices (V), and edges (E) for each prism.

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Step 3: Add bevel to the ‘Top’ surface

The next step is to go the ‘3D format’ option and choose the preset called ‘Angle’ for the top surface. The result will be as follows:

Step 4: Add width and height to the bevel

The next step is to add width and height to the bevel. There is a simple calculation that makes it easy for you to add the right width to get the pyramid. The calculation is – for every inch of the length of the square you add 36 pts to the width. For example, the square we selected has a length of 2.5 inches. The number of pts we add to the width of the bevel would be 2.5 X 36 = 90 Pts.

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Your PowerPoint pyramid is ready. As you can see we now created a pyramid without using triangles. You can vary the height of the pyramid to suit your requirements.

You can also add squares of increasing size one below the other and play around with the width and height of the ‘top surface bevel’ to get step pyramid diagrams. Let us see some variations of the diagram taken from our PowerPoint Graphics CEO pack volume 2.

Vary the base shape:

Instead of having a square as a base you can have some other shape. For example, in the following diagram template, we used ‘Document’ shape from ‘Flow chart’ option in auto shapes menu.

Source: Marketing concepts from CEO Pack 2

Change the bevel surface

Instead of adding width and height to top surface, you can add height and width to bottom surface to create an inverted step pyramid. Here is an example:

Remove the fill

Instead of having a filled square, you can have just the outlines to create a pyramid diagram template as follows:

Source: Hierarchy Steps from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Vary the material

Under 3D format you can choose a different ‘Material’ option to create your PowerPoint pyramid. When you use ‘Soft edge’ option for your material you get the following result:

The number of options you can come up with is limited only by your creativity and imagination.

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