Pyramid Drawing 3d

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Learn how to draw a pyramid with a simple step by step tutorial.

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First, you will learn how to construct the 3D pyramid shape, then how to overlay a nice stone pattern to finish with a perfect, Egyptian-style pyramid.

In the first part of the tutorial, you will learn how to construct the three-dimensional pyramid shape - drawing the base square in perspective and finding the vertical centreline for a perfect pyramid shape.

Once you know how to draw the pyramid shape, the next tricky part is to lay down a nice pattern of overlapping stones to complete the pyramid.

How to draw a pyramid: finished drawing

We lay down a simple grid that will help us easily draw nice, overlapping stones. Disclaimer: participates in the Amazon Associates Program. If you purchase a product using a link on our website, we earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

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How to draw a pyramid: outline the drawing step by step

Any graphite pencil (that is the normal wooden one) that you might have will do for a start. If you are to buy one, I suggest getting a brand name pencil though – pencils are affordable and a nice pencil makes the drawing so much more enjoyable.I use and I am happy with both Faber Castell or Kooh-I-Noor pencils.

But my favorite are the Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils, they leave a nice smooth mark and blend well for shading.If you want just one pencil, I like to use 3B soft pencil as my "one to rule them all” drawing pencil.

How to draw a pyramid: base sketch step by step

To add some variety, try the slightly harder HB pencil for sketching and very soft 6B pencil for thick outlines and shading.

Many cheap generic erasers just smudge your drawing.

How to draw a pyramid: 3D construction

Save yourself a lot of frustration and buy a decent eraser. I am using and like both the Faber Castell eraser and Staedtler Mars eraser. Optional for outlining the pictures.

You can draw a thicker outline with your soft 6B pencil.

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However, black ink pen outlines stand out better. It also makes it easy to clean up the sketch underneath, as the ink will not be erased with the sketch.I like to use the thicker 0.7 mm, 1 mm or 1.2 mm pens for outlines. As for brands, I have a mix of Staedtler Pigment liners and Uni Pin fine liners and like both brands.

If you are shopping for new pencils, there are some nice sets that will give you a start at a discount price.

Create 3D Pyramid Diagram from Examples

This Staedtler Mars Lumograph Art Set combines 6 useful soft pencils with an eraser and sharpener - a perfect starter or travel set. This second Staedtler Mars Lumograph Art Set allows you to test all 12 degrees of pencil hardness (with a bonus eraser and sharpener). For the ultimate combo, this larger Staedtler Mars Lumograph Art Set has 7 pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and adds three fine liners. Similar as pencils, start with the ones you might have.

If you decide to buy a new set, Staedtler, Faber Castell and Kooh-I-Noor have good quality and reasonably priced sets.My favorites lately are the Derwent Inktense Pencils – the “Inktense” means a nice vibrant colors, perfect for the colorful cartoon style we draw here.

More Pyramid Diagram Examples

A set with 24 color pencils gives you a good value to choice of colors ratio, perfect to start with. A basic ream of office printer paper will keep you drawing for a long time. But I suggest you invest in a sketch pad.

If you date each drawing, you will have a nice bound journal that shows your progress.

Draw 3D Pyramid Diagram with Software

Seeing the improvements as you draw is a huge motivation to keep drawing.I like the larger 9”x12” spiral bound journals, as they open flat for drawing.

They conveniently come either top bound or side bound.

The Completed Two-Point Perspective Pyramid

For the ultimate sketchbook to keep forever, get a hardcover Moleskine – the cost per page is similar, and once you fill it it is a treasure to keep. Let's draw the base for our pyramid first.