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Modified8 months ago. I am using quasar for developing a vue app.

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I am using vue 3.0.7.

The plan

I have installed jest and created the jest.config File. The jest config file contains the following:. I am writing the following test for a demo vue component:.

The component that is being tested:. and also the package.json dependencies:.

Rough schedule

  • When i run the npm run test ("test": "npx jest") i get the following error:.
  • I have been trying for hours to fix it and can't seem to understand what is wrong.

The code

Master FisMaster Fis. Try changing: import { defineComponent } from '@vue/composition-api'to import { defineComponent } from 'vue'.


Also looks like you need to change your wrapper.html to wrapper.text() and add toMatch rather than toContain, that said the following should work:. The solution to unit testing vue3 in quasar v2 is to use @quasar/quasar-app-extension-testing-unit-jest.

Just install it with. and it should set up everything for you. Notice it is still in alpha and some components are not fully working yet(for me QPage wasn't working).Hope this helps somebody :). Master FisMaster Fis. Effortlessly build high-performance & high-quality Vue.js 3 user interfaces in record time.

Combine the power of Quasar UI with Quasar CLI. One source code for all platforms simultaneously with all the latest and greatest best practices out of the box. Focus only on your app's features and forget about the boilerplate around it. $ yarn create quasar. $ npm init quasar.

Update: June 21st 2021

Close PopupIntersectionMaterial RipplesMutationMorphScrollScroll FireTouch HoldTouch PanTouch RepeatTouch Swipe.

Update: June 19th 2021

Addressbar ColorApp FullscreenApp VisibilityBottom SheetCookiesDarkDialogLoadingLoading BarLocal/Session StorageMetaNotify. Consumes a source icon and automatically clones, scales, minifies and places the (needed) 100+ generated icons and splash screens in the appropriate directories for you.

Update: April 27th 2021

MIT LICENSE | Privacy Policy | Quasar Artwork.

Update: April 4th 2021

Copyright © 2015 - 2022 PULSARDEV SRL, Razvan Stoenescu.

Update: February 16th 2021

We're close to the stable release. The only thing remaining is the SSR support. Quasar is SSR ready, however we're only going to enable SSR support as soon as these Vue3 SSR bugs (critical for us and your experience) are solved:

  • vuejs/core#3244 redirected to vuejs/core#2863

Update: February 10th 2021

SSR mode is ready (UI and CLI-wise) to be released. Unfortunately, there are quite a few Vue SSR bugs that need to be fixed before we enable the build mode for Quasar v2. We are in the process of reporting them and we'll start collaborating with the Vue team to help fix them.

Update: January 11th 2021

Hi All,

There are still some things being worked on for Quasar v2, but mainly we're now writing the migration guide. Our target for release of the public beta is within January 2021. The new version is based on Composition API. But it's not just a port to Vue 3. There are lots of significant performance enhancements in Quasar's algorithms too!You'll love it!

Unfortunately, the first beta release won't include SSR support, due to missing some upstream features in Vue 3, which we'll contribute to via PRs. We'll release SSR support during the beta stage lifecycle though.

We're also trying to integrate Webpack 5 support into the @quasar/app v3 release, but if we are unable to get this done (ie: external dependencies and such) then we'll shoot for @quasar/app v4 release.

Stable release will be anywhere within Q1 2021, but as is the case with OSS, it will be ready, when it's ready. And of course, it will be ready when we know the quality is high enough to meet both your expectations and ours.

In the meantime, the wonderful framework you've come to love is still here and you don't have to wait for Quasar v2 to start a new project with Vue 3's major new feature (i.e. using the composition API). Of course, if you choose to hold off on Vue 3 features, we'll make the upgrade as easy as possible for you. That's a promise. :slight_smile:

The Quasar Team