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Radha Krishna Tv Serial on Star Bharat- Cast, Promo,Plot,Timing Wiki. Radha Madhu Serial Wiki Tv Shows Like. This Tv show is produced by Swastik Productions makers of some famous tv shows like Shani, Mahakali, Shankar Jai Kishan and Porus. Radha Krishna Tv serialShow is going to replace Sam Dam Dand Bhed Tv serial. The Show is big budget Tv.

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Born19 October 1955 (age 65)
Kakinada, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India
OccupationFilm director
Film writer
Spouse(s)Gunnam Urmila
ChildrenGunnam Sandeep
Gunnam Vihang
WebsiteGunnam Gangaraju

Radha Madhu Serial Story Read Now It seems like ur radhamadhu episodes 307-315 are not working.please can anyone upload to youtube please.This is a beautiful story, and both did a great job.

  1. An unexpected twist brings Madhu saving with Radha's grandmother life. The grandmother decides that Madhu would make a perfect wife for Radha while Radha is still adamantly opposed to marriage. How these two are forced to marry and how they fall in love with each other afterwards forms the rest of this serial. Hiren 16.2 download.
  2. Radha Madhu ayipoyindhi. Gangaraju Gunnam Gangaraju Gunnam Telugu: Edureetha TV Serial - Story 2011 Director Radha Madhu 2006–2008; 450 episodes Ammamma.com. Radha Madhu Telugu TV SERIALS on Maa TV Telugu Channel - Cast Ravi Kondala Rao, Raagini, Radha Kumari, Kalyan Prasad, Alapati Lakshmi, Devadas Kanakala, Surya.

Gangaraju Gunnam is an Indian film producer, director and writer known for his works in Telugu cinema and Television. He received two National Film Awards for producing path breaking films like Aithe, and Bommalata.[1][2] He has also produced and directed, blockbusters like Anukokunda Oka Roju and Amma Cheppindi respectively, and has garnered three state Nandi Awards. He has also created the popular sitcom Amrutham. He owns the film production company Just Yellow.[3]


Gunnam Ganga Raju was born and brought up in Kakinada. He studied up to 6th standard in St. Josephs Convent in Kakinada. He then received a Government of India scholarship and got into Hyderabad Public School. He finished his schooling and wanted to do medicine, but never got through. He waited for one year and joined BA English at Andhra Loyola College in Vijayawada. But he was removed from college in the second year as the entire English medium students went for a strike. Then he discontinued studies and worked as a door to door sales representative for Navbharath Cigarettes. Then he did his Bachelor of Arts privately. He joined Master of Arts and completed it. During that time He also wrote Probationary officers in State Bank of India.[4] He is an Atheist.[5]


National Film Awards

Krishna Radha Love Story

  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Aithe (2003)
  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Bommalata (2006)
Nandi Awards
  • Nandi Award for Best Screenplay Writer - Little Soldiers (1996)
  • Nandi Award for Best Director - Little Soldiers (1996)
  • Nandi Special Jury Award - Amma Cheppindi (2006)



Radha Madhu Serial Story

  • Aithe - Dialogues (2003)
  • Anukokunda Oka Roju - Dialogues (2005)
  • Amrutham - Story & Dialogues (2007)
  • Katha - Dialogues (2009)
  • Laya TV Serial - Story (2008–2010)
  • Edureetha TV Serial - Story (2011)
  • Ghazi - Screenplay, Dialogues (2017)
  • Amrutham Dhvitheeyam (2020)


  • Little Soldiers (1996)
  • Amma Cheppindi (2006)
  • Amrutham Chandamamalo (2014)


  • Little Soldiers (1996)
  • Aithe (2003)
  • Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005)
  • Bommalata (2006)
  • Amma Cheppindi (2006)
  • In a Day (2006)
  • Katha (2009)

Art Director[edit]

  • Little Soldiers (1996)

Radha Madhu Serial Story Full


  • Amrutham (2001–2007; 313 episodes)
  • Nanna (2003–2004; 89 episodes)
  • Radha Madhu (2006–2008; 450 episodes)
  • Ammamma.com (2006–2007; 200 episodes)
  • Laya (2008–2010; 321 episodes)
  • Adagaka Ichina Manasu (2011; Stopped after 60 episodes)
  • Edureetha (2011)
  • Prathibinbam (2014–2015)

Web series[edit]

  • Amrutham Dhvitheeyam (2020)


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  • Ganga Raju Gunnam on IMDb

Radha Madhu Serial Story

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Radha Madhu Maa Tv Daily Serial Download

Radha Madhu is an Indian Drama Serial that was first premiered on Star Maa TV channel on 24 September 2017. Its Latest Episode was broadcast on 16th March 2018 on Star Maa TV channel and was of 22 minutes duration excluding ads. Watch radha madhu serial all episodes Online. Watch Radha Madhu MAA TV Daily Serial Online/Download. Download: Episode 2. Related: Radha Madhu MAA TV Serial All Epidoses. Radha Madhu MAA TV Daily Serial Story: This is a story of two people whose lives are irreversibly united much against their wishes.

Now, after more than 5 years, I heard about it again. My brother asked me to watch it and told me I'd like it. It just so happened that I had ample lonely time to kill and it was my bro's idea to keep myself occupied. So, I thought, I'd give it a try. I had no idea what I was getting into and never imagined that it'd take so much control over my life until I finished watching the last (450th) episode of it! I got so indulged in it, that at times, I watched it for many straight hours daily.

Radha Madhu Serial Online

I even skipped sleep a couple of times!:). Gangaraju Gunnam should be appreciated for producing such a good serial. He is a passionate filmmaker and the kind of movies and serials he does says it all. Special thanks to the dialogue writer, Azad, for coming up with some excellent conversations/dialogues. They are too good for a serial, especially the ones between the lead pair. Speaking of which, casting Kalyan Prasad as 'Radha Krishna' and Mounika as 'Madhulika' is half the victory for the producer and the director.

What a fantastic on-screen chemistry they got! Chemistry doesn't have to necessarily mean romance. To me, it is all about how well an actor and actress look and perform together in any kind of scene - be it romantic, comedy, emotional, serious, melodrama or even mime. I think the audience loved them together so much that Gangaraju Gunnam made 'Laya', his very next serial after Radha Madhu, with the same lead pair! They look absolutely like made-for-each-other.

I wanted to save the best for last, and that is 'Mounika'. It is no exaggeration when I say that the serial wouldn't have been the same without her. She brought life and soul to Madhulika's character.

Radha madhu serial storyline

Of course, the due credit should also be given to the writer for etching such a wonderful character and the director as well for extracting the much needed performance out of her to justify the writer's vision of the character. I've admired only 3 actresses so far - 'Mahanati' Savitri garu, Sridevi and Soundarya, and that is very few for someone like me who practically lives on movies! Now, Mounika is in my fave list too. She, as Madhulika proves yet again that one can never be more beautiful than being simple, elegant and dignified! The greatest asset of any actor/actress is his/her strong screen presence.

Radha Madhu Serial Storyline

Pogrešno razmišljaš. 4KTV su trenutno big pain in the ass i što se tiče haosa sa standardima (HDR, paneli) i što se tiče izbora i što se tiče kalibracije, a nemaš nikakav sadržaj da opravdaš kupovinu osim ako ne igraš igrice i to ti je jako bitno. Kod nas je i FHD sadržaj još uvek 'WOW'. Licenzionnij kod k igre blur 2.

Mounika has that in abundance and she steals the show throughout. She can easily stand out in a group and mesmerize the audience with her performance. Watch out for some of her million-dollor expressions! She has this amazing aura around her that will instantly hook you on to her! I personally feel that comedy and emotional scenes are harder to perform in a convincing manner. If displaying emotions is tough, displaying subtle emotions is even tougher. Madhulika's character is filled with subtle emotions and Mounika does it all with finesse.

Krishna radha love story

I really wish one of the last few episodes had a scene with Madhulika crying her heart out though! I didn't feel like the character was complete without it. Anonymous One eve i went with my friend went to meet a senior on duty! He guided us properly and explanation took some hours. Finally after the task was done, he scolded us for coming that hour as he missed an episode. We were puzzled, with his addiction n said to ourselves 'its funny to see a guy watching sentimental melodrama.