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A portable generator is a very good investment, and it can save you from many uninvited situations and power cuts.

A portable generator can be a lifesaver in emergencies. It is the power equipment that keeps your essential appliances like refrigerators, lights, and fans running in power outages.

If you want to go camping, then these small and lightweight devices are easy to carry and bring along. Besides, they provide clean power so that you can safely charge your electronics, and they can also power a few of the electronics of an RV. They offer many benefits, but when it comes to choosing one, the market is full of portable generators.

So, there comes a dilemma of which one to choose. We have prepared a list of the best portable generators in the market, along with their pros and cons. Go through them so that you can find the one which fits your needs. Latest Model with Wireless Remote Start. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 4000/3500. Run-Time (Gas): 17 hrs.

12. Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator

The Fuel Source

Start Type: Remote + Electric + Recoil. Fuel Capacity: 2.9 Gallon. Noise Level: 64 dBA. Weight: 96.8 pounds. Warranty: 3 years.


Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 9500/7500.

Starting Watts / Running Watts (Propane): 8550/6750. Run-Time (Gas): 16 hrs @ 25% load. Run-Time (Propane): 12 hrs @ 25% load. Start Type: Wireless, Electric & Recoil. Noise Level: 58 dBA. Weight: 192 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Special Feature: Wireless Start, GFCI Outlets, VFT DATA Display & Transfer Switch Ready Port. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 3400/3100. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Propane): 3060/2790. Run-Time (Gas): 7.5 hrs. Run-Time (Propane): 14.5 hrs. Start Type: Electric + Recoil. Parallel Capable: Yes. Fuel Capacity: 1.6 Gallon. Noise Level: 59 dBA from 23 feet. Weight: 95 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Special Feature: RV-ready, Quick touch panel, Eco-mode, Compact & Lightweight. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 2000/1700. Start Type: Recoil. Run-Time (Gas): 10.8 hrs. Fuel Capacity: 1 Gallon. Noise Level: 51 dBA. Weight: 39 pounds. Warranty: 2 years. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 4750/3800. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Propane): 4275/3420. Run-Time (Gas): 9 hrs @ 50% load.

Run-Time (Propane): 10.5 hrs @ 50% load (20-pound tank). Start Type: Electric & Recoil. Noise Level: 68 dBA. Weight: 122 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 4500/3700. Run-Time (Gas): 18 hrs. Start Type: Remote + Electric + Recoil. Noise Level: 55 dBA. Weight: 98 pounds.

Warranty: 3 years.

Power Output

How Do Portable Generators Work?

Special Feature: RV-ready, Remote start, LED data center. Starting Watts / Running Watts (Gas): 3800/3400. Run-Time (Gas): 8.5 hrs. @ 50% load (2.2-gallon tank).

1. Champion Power Equipment 100165 Dual Fuel Generator

Start Type: Electric & Recoil. Noise Level: 57 dBA.

Weight: 40 pounds. Warranty: 3 years. Dual Fuel Generator. Propane Generator. Camping Generator. With a weight of just 96 pounds, Champion 100573 can be easily handled by one person. To pick up and put it in a truck will now be a play of one hand. This is a lightweight generator that comes with a large bottom wheel and handles to increase the portability even more. When you are camping, the generator typically stays away from you. So to start the generator without going up to it, this unit comes with a remote key fob. It also comes with an easy on & off electric push-button start. The switch will turn on the 224cc engine which generates 4000 starting watts and 3500 runnings watts. With this power, you can power most of the appliances at the camping and of an RV if you camp in one.

1. Champion 100573 4000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

What’s the Difference Between Standard Portable Generators and Inverter Generators?

It will also serve as a backup to power essentials of the house in power outages. Another highlight is its cold start technology, and it aids in the generator starting when the temperature goes down the scale.


With a noise level of 64 dB, this generator doesn’t disturb your camping, your neighbour, or for that matter, anyone else.

The Inverter generator with a THD rating of less than 3%, safely powers your electronic devices without inflicting any damages. To keep the generator safe, a low oil shut-off sensor is also given. If we talk about the runtime, then with the 2.9 gallons of gasoline, the generator will give 17 hours of runtime when it is on 25% load. This is a portable and compact generator which means the power will be less, but it should not create a problem with its ability to be connected in parallel with another same kind of generator. At last, this unit with a 3 years warranty is a solid choice during camping or to power essentials in an emergency backup.

10. Ryobi RY906500S Gasoline Powered Portable Generator

View the Best Portable Generators, Below.

To know more about this model, you can check this article. The weight is just 96 pounds. Cold start technology. Quiet operation. Safe to power electronics. Comes with a remote and electric start. Can only power small appliances.


With the benefit of portability, you also get the ability to choose from gasoline and propane to use as fuel.

To switch from gasoline to propane and vice versa is possible just with the flip of a switch, it can’t get any more convenient than that. The portability is aided by the set of big wheels at the bottom to make the movement more simple and effortless. With the help of a 224cc engine, Champion 76533 is capable of providing 4750 starting watts and 3800 running watts. That is enough to power all your essentials in outages and all your electronics and lights at the campsite. It will keep delivering power for up to 9 hours, and if the power is due to the propane burning, then the runtime will be extended up to 10.5 hours. The main issue that anyone faces with the portable generator is that they make more noise than the ideal, which you don’t want when camping. This generator also makes noise but of just 68 dB, which is not so much, same or slightly less than a lawnmower. As long as the starting of the generator is concerned, you can get the power in no time with the flip of a switch. And there is also a pull-start if you feel like giving it a go with a cord.

4. Westinghouse 7500 Gas Powered Portable Generator

What to Consider for a Home Backup System

There are enough outlets on the control panel that will easily accommodate most of your devices along with other controls. Moreover, the durable construction will bless it with extended life.

Fuel Type

The essential condition for a satisfactory operation of any generator is enough oil, and if it is not, then a low oil shut-off sensor will turn the generator off, saving the engine from any potential damages.

6. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Power Generator

How to Choose the Correct Size of Generator

This lightweight and portable dual fuel generator comes with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime of free customer support from the manufacturer. Dual-fuel engine.

8. Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

CARB and EPA compliant. Volt guard for equipment protection.

3. Sportsman Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator


Electric and recoil starting. Weak air filter cover. The positioning of the battery is not ideal. Wiring is exposed, may get damaged. What its name incorporates is proved in its performance.

7. Westinghouse WGEN6000 Portable Gas Generator

The sound level of just 52 dB justifies the tag “Super Quiet.” You will hardly find any portable generator with this power rating that emits noise this much low.

4. WEN 56380i 3800-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Best Portable Generators to Power Your Entire Home

It is an exceptionally capable generator that can power all your electronics along with a few small appliances with 4500 starting watts and 3700 running watts. This power comes from the powerful 224cc engine, enclosed in a durable and noise-mitigating casing.

Q. Do Portable Generators Need Maintenance?

It takes gasoline as fuel and provides 12 hours of runtime when the connected load stays below 50%.

This is when the 3.4 gallons of gasoline tank is full.

And as a side note, there is also a different version of this unit which features a dual fuel engine. As the portability of this generator is praised by the consumers who are currently using it, it is bound to be lightweight, and the weight it has is just 93 pounds. This makes transportation extremely easy. The small wheels at the bottom and the easy hold handle to assist in the transportation makes it more convenient. Another good thing is on its control panel, along with many types of outlets to power various appliances. There is also an RV-ready outlet, which will let you connect the generator with ease and without any adapter to your RV, ensuring increased safety. You must keep an eye on different parameters of the generator for an increased lifetime, and an LED data center on the control panel helps you to do that.

The LED display shows the remaining runtime, fuel level, low oil level, and few other things. The clean power coming out from the outlets won’t damage any of your electronics, be worry-free about that. This portable generator is protected with a 2-year limited warranty. Has a large fuel tank. Digital LED display. Electric and remote start. Very quiet operation. The price is a bit high. No parallel capability. This is the generator that demonstrates what portability and noiselessness is.

It is simply one of the best generators in the market in terms of portability and noise level. You can be assured that it won’t disturb you or your neighbors during camping; it has a noise level of 57 dB. The one commendable provision of this generator is its auto fuel shut-off feature. If you have experienced any carburettor and engine fault results because of the build-up due to the remaining fuel, then it is eliminated here.

Fuel supply to the generator will turn off before the generator shuts off, and this will make the generator use the remaining fuel from the carburettor. It will save you much on long-term maintenance. To have an electric start is a common and convenient thing in modern generators, and this portable generator also doesn’t stay behind there. With the push of a button, the engine starts roaring. It also has an easy-to-read meter on the control panel, which shows different parameters related to the generator condition. And if the need arises to suddenly shut off the generator, then surprisingly, it has a manual shut-off switch to do that.

The power coming out of the outlets will be enough for most of the appliances, and you can expect a small and portable generator to power all your electronics as well. It has a 212cc engine which generates 3800 surge watts and 3400 running watts. Keep in mind that this is a parallel capable generator, so if the need arises, then you can always connect another same generator to double the power output. This CARB and EPA compliant generator comes with a warranty of 2 years to instill trust in customers about the product.

Along with that, they also provide friendly customer support from skilled and capable technicians if you are stuck in something. Compact design and low noise level. Eco-mode saves fuel. RV-ready outlet. No remote start. The quality of the build material is average. Westinghouse produces admirable generators which last for years to come, and this WGen7500DF is the new addition to their generator series of powerful portable generators.

It is user-friendly, provides enough power, and works at a reasonable noise level. Other than that, the generator is highly portable owing to the flat wheels and foldable handles, and it weighs 192 pounds. This portable generator can power almost anything that you want; it will power most appliances in a power outage, it can power the electronics at the camping, and it can power the RV as well as can be used to run the tools at the Jobsite.

This particular model, from the 420cc ferocious engine, provides the starting watts of 9500 and 7500 running watts. Also note, the engine with which it comes can either work on gasoline or propane. The generator has 6.6 gallons of a fuel tank to store the gasoline, and the full tank provides a runtime of 11 hours. For propane, there is no need for a tank; directly couple it with the hose provided with the kit.

3. Westinghouse iGen4500 Portable Inverter Generator

  • What’s the difference between a Portable Generator and a Portable Power Station?

    The convenience of electric start is included in its features list, and there is also a remote start. It makes it possible to start the generator from a distance, and this means you won’t have to go out just to start it.