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React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook.

React is a User Interface (UI) library. React is a tool for building UI components. This is a quickstart tutorial. Before you start, you should have a basic understanding of: .

What is Node.js. For a full tutorial:.

  • Go to our React Tutorial ❯. This quickstart tutorial will add React to a page like this: .
  • Test React.
  • Babel is a JavaScript compiler that can translate markup or programming languages into JavaScript.
  • With Babel, you can use the newest features of JavaScript (ES6 - ECMAScript 2015).
  • Babel is available for different conversions.
  • React uses Babel to convert JSX into JavaScript.
  • Please note that .

    Expressions can be used in JSX by wrapping them in curly {} braces.

    Hello World!

    React applications are usually built around a single HTML element.

    React developers often call this the root node (root element): .