React Native Read Json File

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn about how to load and read the JSON file in a React app.

Consider, we have this users.json file in our react app.

Now, we are loading this above JSON file into the react component.

We can load a JSON file into the react component, just like how we import JavaScript modules or CSS modules using the es6 import statement.

In the above code, we first imported the users.json file as a Users JSON array and rendered it into the dom by using the JavaScript map() method.

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This tutorial helps you to understand how to use objects and arrays to your react native code.

Today we take some JSON and array data and show their data one by one in React native also take some mixed JSON and array. As we know, If we see data in {} ( curly brace ) then we called object and if see data In [] ( Square bracket ) then we called an array.

Table of content.

To show the array one by one we have to use loops. You are able to access array, below two way actually it depends upon a situation which of example you have to use.

Only want to show specific details. Want a show to each and every details.

Loading Data into the Component