React Vs Angular Vs Vue 2022

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Technology is changing with time, and several new tools have been introduced in the past few decades, but only a few of them last for a longer time. Among all, JavaScript has successfully established its mark as the best development framework across all industry verticals.

Part 2: Community and development

Learning Curve

As per Statista, around 70% of mobile app developers use JavaScript due to its versatility. This framework can develop both desktop and mobile applications on both the client and server-side. However, when it comes to choosing the best framework among a wide range of options available, there has always been a debate between three languages, i.e., Angular, Vue.js, and React.js. Some businesses prefer to hire AngularJS developers, while some go for react and vue.js.

Therefore, finalizing the best language in 2022 among the three of them becomes quite challenging for people. So, if you are also facing the same dilemma, this article is right for you. Let’s get started with the languages one by one. Developed by Google in 2009, Agular.js is an open-source framework which offers excellent support to the developer's community.


  • The structural framework of angular.js is designed specifically to simplify the front-end development process of the website.
  • In addition, the advanced framework allows the AngularJS development company professionals to modify different elements of a web page.
  • Developing a well-structured business website is quite time-consuming, but AngularJS has made the process speedy and hassle-free with two-way data binding.
  • App security is the prime reason that helps enterprises adopt new technologies. As angular.js uses web services or RESTful API to interact with servers, it guards the web apps against malware and unauthorized access.
  • Maintaining a business website is quite a tricky process that demands effort and time.
  • In such a situation, implementing angular.js allows the developers to think in terms of object oriented design which is easier to recall and simplify the development and maintenance process.
  • Released in 2013 by Facebook, ReactJS has acquired immense support among the developers' community.


  • The language is well-known for developing UI for mobile and web apps.
  • The developers of a react native development company often use this technology to develop single-page web apps and utilize different libraries to offer extra support to their web apps.
  • The virtual DOM in ReactJS facilitates in the removal of bottlenecks in code rendering, making the process run more smoothly.
  • In addition, the minimal efforts lessen the time required to complete the DOM changes and offer fast performance.
  • Facebook has added amazing functionality into ReactJS -based web app development that the code components can easily be reused.

What Is ReactJS ?

All this has made the mobile app development process easier. ReactJS offers excellent code stability as the data flows in a single direction only.

Availability of Developers in the Market

  • So, when the ReactJS developers employ data binding techniques, the modifications done in child structures do not affect the changes made to parent structures.
  • Released in 2014 by Evan (Ex-employee of Google), Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework.
  • It is also known as one of the youngest members of the frontend technologies group. From the past few years, Vue.js has gained significant support in the developer's community, raising the demand for theVue.js development company.
  • Vue is specifically developed to suit different environments and frameworks such as PHP, JavaScript, and more. In addition, due to its flexible framework, Vue.js can be added to an existing project and make components with it.

Benefits of Using AngularJS for Businesses

  • So, while using Vue tools, you can develop a website or a mobile app. Vue.js is a very light weighted framework of around 20kb, which is low compared to other JavaScript frameworks. For example, ReactJS weigh around 143gzip, and angular.js weigh around 43kb.
  • So, it takes less time to download vue.js applications. The simplicity of Vue.js allows the developers, even with basic knowledge of HTML, to develop a creative website.

React vs Vue

The major benefit of using Vue.js is that coding can be executed faster due to its code simplicity. All this leads to better code maintenance, which saves the vue.js developers time and effort. Now that you have quickly reviewed all the three frameworks – angular react or vue.js let's conduct a performance comparison.

The three major factors to review the performance are – . It helps to analyze which framework performs better for highly dynamic applications that require the involvement of DOM manipulation. Finally, this factor determines the framework that better operates with the memory.

Angular vs Vue

This indicates the type of framework that offers a faster initial load time which is useful for applications.

  • The JavaScript family is huge as each framework has been built to serve a different purpose. In addition, the functionality of the JavaScript framework can be extended by implementing third-party solutions and requires the expertise of angular, react, or vue.js developers.
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  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For more information:. This post is a comprehensive guide on which is perhaps the right solution for you: Angular vs React vs Vue.
  • Just a couple of years ago, developers were mainly debating whether they should be using Angular vs React for their projects.
  • But over the course of the last couple of years, we’ve seen a growth of interest in a third player called Vue.js. If you are a developer starting out on a project and cannot decide on which JavaScript framework to use, this guide should help you make a decision.
  • Here we’ll cover various aspects of Angular, Vue, and React to see how they suit your needs. This post is not just a guide on Angular vs React vs Vue but aims to provide a structure to help judge front-end JavaScript frameworks in general. In case a new framework arrives next year, you will know exactly what parameters to look at! * In this post, we assume that you have basic knowledge of JavaScript and have used JavaScript frameworks as well.
  • Let’s get started:. Part 1: A brief historyHow it all started 🐣 | License 👮‍♂️ | Popularity 🔥 | Job market 👷‍♂️.

Benefits of Using ReactJSFor Businesses

How it all started 🐣 | License 👮‍♂️ | Popularity 🔥 | Job market 👷‍♂️. Part 4: Working with the frameworksSize and load times ⏲️ | Components 🏗️ | Learning curve 🎓.

Final Thoughts … So, what to choose?

Size and load times ⏲️ | Components 🏗️ | Learning curve 🎓. TL;DR: Are you looking for direct, head-to-head comparisons between Angular vs React, Angular vs Vue, and React vs Vue? Check out these short summaries here:. If the choice you’re making is based on Angular vs React alone, then you’ll simply need to consider the pros and cons discussed for those libraries in this post.