Reading Itron Centron Cl200

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>> Questions> 1) Do these meters retain the data even if the display fails? I assume > there is a lithium battery powering the entire works, hopefully they were > bright enough to maintain the memory in flash. >> 3) Can they install a battery in the field and show me the reading without > "doing magic" back at the shop? >> 3) What recourse do I have if the utility has no accurate reading of the > meter?

I have been using the average billing method and we have been > making improvements to reduce consumption, yet the past bills seem high > and erroneous?

>> When the installer came out to first install the digital meters in my > neighborhood a year ago, he somehow "lost" my meter when I asked him to > show it to me for the final reading. I had to convince the utility that > the last reading was wrong impossible.

(digits were transposed by the > reader).

At 12 o'clock on the face (direction, not time of day) - directlyabove the meter an infrared light is omitted at a rate of one pulse per watt-hour usage. Okay, probably does not helpyou.

Your other option is to read that emulator which has 3 dots that turnon and off on the C1SR model. Here is the pattern. First the left goeson, then the middle goes on, then the right goes on, then the leftgoes off, then the middle goes off, then the right goes off. Kind oflike a digital wheel being emulated, cute. Well, that full cycle is 6watt-hours or to make it simpler, every time one of those dots changes it is1 watt-hour. Now you can do simple tests of turning on something (like ahot tub, hair drying, drier, tv, light bulb, etc) and count the numberof dots you see or if it is going fast the number of cycles (multipleby 6 the result) and you have the energy usage of watt-hours of that appliance duringa fixed period. One minute periods worked well for me. If you wantfull accuracy you can turn off the entire house at the circuit breakerand just turn on the breaker for the one appliance (I did not need toget that accurate). The END. ENJOY.Well, here is how I figured out what mine was using.It is a Wind River Hurricane Pinnacle built in 1998. It runs 230VAC,60Amp,60Hz and when it has 250 Gallons of water the manual says thatwith a good cover the heater can add 8 degrees Fahrenheit perhour. So, figure out the temperature loss per hour and that tells youhow often the heater needs to run.

My data showed my house used about 3.5 cycles/min or 21 Watt-hours/Min or 1.26kWh/Hour.My data showed that running the heater and the two jet motors used 34cycles/min or 204 dots/min (Wh/min). So subtract the 21 Watt-hours/Min thatis normally used and you get 183 Wh/M which is 10.98kWh/H. Running theheat alone was 5.58kWh/H and the jets alone was 5.94kWh/H. There must besome overlap since running both is less then the sum of the parts. So,that is how it is done.

Now see the heater run time and multiple by the heater usage and youfigure out your monthly usage and then your cost.
Thanks to Mark Petrovic who did a searching of the FCC device databaseand found more information on the meter, including the Technical Reference Guide. Entering into the following page the ID "SK9" as thegrantee code at the FCC Prod site.
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