Rechargeable Battery Pack Generator

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This "generator" far exceeded all expectations. The build is very high quality. The features are very good. It does not contain a solar charge controller, so you must understand that the solar charging is possible, but limited. However, it does come with an excellent power supply "charger" that converts 110-220 volts A/C 15 volts @ 4.5 amps DC. You could also charge right off of a 12 volt car or AGM battery.My use is to charge multiple USB devices, use 12 volt and USB lighting, power 110 volt A/C items etc. while off grid in a hike to cabin.I'm also using a small solar setup to recharge it during daylight. I can charge my phone, my computer and many other items without draining this thing down. I can also run multiple LED lamps. I love this thing so much, I bought a second one.One mistake I see people often make is that they will buy high power inverters and run inefficient loads. Try to limit the watts you need first, then match the inverter to the load. Also, if you can run off of 12 volts DC, you'll save the inversion loss. This unit is engineered for just the right watts to keep inversion loss low. ​The Geneforce Solar Rechargeable Truck Generator is the World's first Battery Powered Generator for Pickup Truck Crossbeds. The Pickup Truck Generator is silent, portable and starts automatically or with one-touch of a button. The Portable Truck Generator can be recharged with a standard wall outlet or with solar panels that can be attached to a Pickup Truck "roof rack". The solar panels recharge the Battery Powered Truck Generator while you are parked or driving. The Pickup Truck Generator does not require any gas and does not emit any harmful gases. Some Portable Truck Generators feature a 12 to 16 years Battery Life without requiring any Maintenance. In addition, the Portable Truck Generator for Pickup Truck Crossbeds features a display monitor that acts like a "fuel gauge" depicting power reserves, power consumption and any fault warnings. Take the Geneforce Truck Generator with you anywhere. Find out more regarding the Geneforce Solar Rechargeable Generator for Pick-up Trucks:​​. View Geneforce Battery Powered Truck Generators. It’s great to have a portable generator. You can bring one to outdoor parties at the beach or at campsites, and at home, you can power appliances during a power outage. But the most common generators have a gas engine, and they can be loud and emit fumes. Sometimes the power can surge and damage sensitive electronics.