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Modified10 months ago. Using Vue 3, typescript, composition API & FireStore data, when attempting to reset the form by key value change, all reactive() data resets to its original stored value except the nested object data..

in this case address: {}. 11 gold badge1414 silver badges3636 bronze badges. 3636 bronze badges. to get access to emit you need to do.

Minimal Reproduction.

也就是说,想要使用 resetFields 需要满足:

1515 gold badges8787 silver badges149149 bronze badges. 149149 bronze badges. Vue composition function for Form Validation.


:milky_way: Written in TypeScript. :ocean: Dynamic Form support. :fallen_leaf: Light weight.

Validation is async and is utilising Promise.allSettled. This package exports one function useValidation, plus some type definitions for when using TypeScript.