Hdmi To Coaxial Cable

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When you have an old analog TV set and need it to display signals from a high-definition source, an HDMI to coaxial adapter is the right piece of equipment. This device is compatible with popular devices such as game systems, DVD and Blu-ray players, computers, and more.

  • HDMI to Coaxial video output (TV channel 3 / 4)
  • This adapter does not convert the signal from an old coax video source to an HDMI input screen.
  • The source device such as Blu-ray, set-top box, and gaming console that is connected to the HDMI input on this product. Must be able to output a 480i/480P signal.
  • This device has been tested to be compatible with many HDMI devices including Apple TV (4th Generation), Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox One, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, and several others.
  • Input interface: 19-Pin HDMI Type-A Female | Output: 75 Ohm coax connector