Residential Standby Generator Installation

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Installing a standby generator for your home will prepare you for just about any event that could knock your power out. However, the process is not as simple as picking one, paying for it, and having it delivered. A generator is not a “plug-in” appliance.

EPA Standards

It is a complex and involved process that can take multiple months. A full-service generator company like EmPower Generators will handle everything for you from permits, to electrical work, engineering, pads, propane tank burial, natural gas connection (if the property is on the grid), and much more, but it is always good to know what you are getting into ahead of time.

The first step of installing a generator is determining where on your property you are allowed to install the generator and engineering the plans. EmPower Generators produces the drawings and calculations required by your municipality. Generator permits are required throughout Broward County and most other municipalities. This means that a permit application must be completed and submitted to your municipality’s building department with the plans that were previously created.

A site plan and/or survey is needed to show the property boundary lines in relation to the placement of the generator. The site plan must show that everything meets the zoning laws in order for the permit to be approved.

Diesel generators are a popular option because diesel fuel is cheaper, more efficient; diesel engines require less maintenance and last longer. During the permitting process an additional review by your municipality’s Environmental Review Board is conducted. This review board will look at your plans to make sure the generator installation will meet standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Once a permit has been approved and issued, you may move forward with having your new standby generator delivered and installed at your home. Installation of powerful standby generators is not simple and requires a professional.

Proper installation requires knowledge not only of the generator specifications but also in gas and electrical connections. The last step to complete before you consider your electrical generator installation is inspections. EmPower Generators will contact your municipality with the permit number and schedule a day that is good to have the inspectors come out and make sure the generator was installed according to the plans.

Once all of the inspections pass, the process is complete! When you look to EmPower Generator for a new standby or commercial generator installation, we will inform you that permitting is required. Luckily, we have experienced staff that can handle the permitting and inspection process for you.

  • We insist on permits for the benefit of our clients as well as the protection of our company’s reputation.
  • A generator installed without a permit could lead to heavy fines from your city or town should they ever find out.
  • All it takes is a neighbor bothered by the loud sound to file a complaint with the city.
  • If you are discovered with an unpermitted standby generator, not only could you receive daily fines until the structure is properly permitting, but you could also be required to remove the generator completely.
  • Additionally, certain standards are set to ensure that any new generator installation is safe for you, your family, and your home.
  • A permit application will be rejected if it does not meet any one of the state, county, or city codes. By getting a permit issued, you get peace of mind that the company selling and installing your generator has provided you with a quality product and service.

If you are looking to have a generator installed at your residence, contact EmPower Generators. We are pros that believe in providing top quality service to properties in South Florida. We provide a full service experience and handle the whole installation process for you to make sure it is as seamless as possible. If you sign a service agreement, we will even handle the maintenance for you moving forward! However, the installation process does take time. This why we encourage you to start the process now, and we will have the generator good to go before the next hurricane season comes around!

Residential standby generators will keep your home up and running in the event of an outage. Automatic, reliable, and long-lasting, a generator will provide you and your family with power when you need it most.

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Standby generators aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer free on-site generator assessments to determine the right make and model for your home. Our EGSA-certified technicians ensure that your standby generator fits both your home and your budget. "A great company with great customer service. Full support while deciding which generator to buy and answered any questions I had very thoroughly.


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Installation costs can vary widely. The lowest cost installation can be obtained if the electric meter and gas meter are located next to each other on the same side of the house. Installation costs may range a bit higher when the generator is located away from either the electric or gas meters, especially in situations where the electric meter is on one side of the house while the gas meter is on the opposite side of the house.

When budgeting for a professionally installed standby generator for your home, it is best to assume installation costs will closely approximate the cost of the generator equipment. This isn’t always true but, more often than not, the rule of thumb is fairly accurate. So—if you spend, say, $5,000.00 for the generator equipment, expect the total project to be around $10,000.00. Project costs for liquid-cooled generators begin in the mid-teens and can often range well in excess of $20,000.00.

The 20kW air-cooled generator is the generator of choice in 70% of all installations. Use it as a whole house generator for homes under 2,500 square feet (with gas heat and hot water), or as a partial house, essential circuits only generator for larger homes. If your home exceeds 2,500 square or is an all-electric home and you’re looking for a whole house generator, you will need to focus on liquid-cooled generators.

The best advice we can offer anyone considering a standby generator is to consult an industry professional. We’ve seen folks make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse by purchasing a generator without any thought of what they want to power with the generator. I’ll never forget the gentleman who found a “great sale” on a standby generator for $1,900 at a big box store. He bought the 7kW (that’s only 7,000 watts) generator, then called us for a quote to install it. I asked him, “which circuits do you want to power with your new generator?” He responded, “the entire house.” The man lives in a 4,000 square foot home with three air conditioners. Needless to say, I had to explain why the installation scenario he described would not work.


You might be shopping at a Big Box Store and find a standby generator with lettering on the box claiming to be a “Whole House Generator”. More than likely, the kit includes a 200-Amp ATS that connects to your home's 200-Amp service, thus, covering the entire house. The generator itself can be as small as 12kW or up to 22kW.

This is important: The term “Whole House” refers to the ATS, not the generator. If you connect a 200-Amp ATS to your home's 200-Amp service, you now have "Whole House Coverage".

If you are looking for a Whole House Generator, it is critically important that you calculate the anticipated electrical loads, better still, consult an industry professional.

An “industry professional” is not necessarily any electrical contractor. While there are many gifted electricians out there who can quickly resolve just about any electrical problem, the truth of the matter is many electricians have little or no experience installing a standby generator. The lesson to be learned here is to work with an experienced generator installer and, preferably, also an authorized dealer for the manufacturer.

If you are shopping for a talented generator installer, ask each this question: “How many standby generators have you installed in the past 12 months?” If any of them respond, “Oh, I think I can probably figure it out,” you would be well advised to take a pass on any quote they offer, even if it is your low quote.

Buckeye Power Systems is an authorized dealer for Generac and Cummins Power Generation and we offer customers the full line of generators from each manufacturer.

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