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Card # / RaritySV105 / Shiny Holo Rare
Type / StageGrass / Basic

[G] Forest FeastSearch your deck for up to 2 Basic Grass Pokemon and put them onto your Bench. Then, shuffle your deck.

[1GGG] Wood Hammer (220)This Pokemon also does 30 damage to itself.

OtherRx2 / None / 3
SetShining Fates: Shiny Vault
Character(s)Rillaboom /
Current Price

Rillaboom VMAX Pokemon Products

Last 7 Days9.86%
Last 30 Days18.18%
$3.53 -39.66%
$0.97 -60.25%

Rillaboom V Pokemon Products
Rillaboom V (Full Art) Pokemon Products
$3.55 -30.66%
Feb 20th, 2021 10AM$11.46-
Feb 20th, 2021 1PM$11.51$0.05
Feb 20th, 2021 3PM$11.19$-0.32
Feb 20th, 2021 4PM$10.83$-0.36
Feb 20th, 2021 9PM$10.65$-0.18
Feb 20th, 2021 10PM$10.21$-0.44
Feb 21st, 2021 12AM$10.14$-0.07
Feb 21st, 2021 2AM$9.92$-0.22
Feb 21st, 2021 3AM$9.87$-0.05
Feb 21st, 2021 4AM$9.78$-0.09
Feb 21st, 2021 5AM$9.55$-0.23
Feb 21st, 2021 10AM$9.05$-0.50
Feb 21st, 2021 11AM$9.03$-0.02
Feb 21st, 2021 3PM$8.83$-0.20
Feb 21st, 2021 4PM$8.79$-0.04
Feb 21st, 2021 6PM$8.93$0.14
Feb 21st, 2021 7PM$8.86$-0.07
Feb 21st, 2021 10PM$8.81$-0.05
Feb 21st, 2021 11PM$8.65$-0.16
Feb 22nd, 2021 1AM$8.85$0.20
Feb 22nd, 2021 2AM$8.89$0.04
Feb 22nd, 2021 3AM$8.87$-0.02
Feb 22nd, 2021 4AM$8.96$0.09
Feb 22nd, 2021 12PM$8.94$-0.02
Feb 22nd, 2021 5PM$8.88$-0.06
Feb 22nd, 2021 7PM$8.90$0.02
Feb 23rd, 2021 12AM$8.85$-0.05
Feb 23rd, 2021 1AM$8.83$-0.02
Feb 23rd, 2021 3AM$8.71$-0.12
Feb 23rd, 2021 5AM$8.64$-0.07
Feb 23rd, 2021 6AM$8.62$-0.02
Feb 23rd, 2021 8AM$8.55$-0.07
Feb 23rd, 2021 4PM$8.52$-0.03
Feb 23rd, 2021 5PM$8.42$-0.10
Feb 23rd, 2021 7PM$8.37$-0.05
Feb 23rd, 2021 8PM$8.33$-0.04
Feb 23rd, 2021 9PM$8.14$-0.19
Feb 24th, 2021 12AM$7.94$-0.20
Feb 24th, 2021 1AM$7.83$-0.11
Feb 24th, 2021 2AM$7.98$0.15
Feb 24th, 2021 3AM$7.70$-0.28
Feb 24th, 2021 4AM$7.58$-0.12
Feb 24th, 2021 6AM$7.30$-0.28
Feb 24th, 2021 9AM$7.21$-0.09
Feb 24th, 2021 1PM$7.04$-0.17
Feb 24th, 2021 2PM$6.94$-0.10
Feb 24th, 2021 6PM$6.91$-0.03
Feb 24th, 2021 9PM$6.87$-0.04
Feb 25th, 2021 1AM$6.86$-0.01
Feb 25th, 2021 5AM$6.74$-0.12


Checkout the latest Pokemon Card Products for Rillaboom V (Full Art). Complete with prices and trends.

Fusion Strike Premium Checklane Blister Rillaboom.

Rillaboom SWSH006 Prerelease PromoSword & Shield Promo Cards.

Rillaboom V SWSH014Rillaboom V SWSH014Sword & Shield Promo CardsPromo$1.3830.19%
Rillaboom VMAXRillaboom VMAXShining Fates: Shiny VaultShiny Holo Rare$2.80-88.58%
Rillaboom VRillaboom VShining Fates: Shiny VaultShiny Holo Rare$1.56-84.72%
RillaboomRillaboomShining Fates: Shiny VaultShiny Holo Rare$7.23-54.81%
Rillaboom V SWSH014Rillaboom V SWSH014Jumbo CardsPromo$3.03-56.65%
Rillaboom SWSH006 Prerelease PromoRillaboom SWSH006 Prerelease PromoSword & Shield Promo CardsPromo$9.90276.43%
Rillaboom SWSH006 Prerelease Promo StaffRillaboom SWSH006 Prerelease Promo StaffSword & Shield Promo CardsPromo$87.51189.67%
RillaboomRillaboomShining FatesRare$0.29-55.38%
Rillaboom 014 202 League PromoRillaboom 014 202 League PromoLeague & Championship CardsPromo$0.000%
Rillaboom 014 202Rillaboom 014 202Deck ExclusivesRare$0.643.23%
Rillaboom 014 202 Cosmos HoloRillaboom 014 202 Cosmos HoloMiscellaneous Cards & ProductsPromo$0.28-63.16%
Rillaboom 014Rillaboom 014Sword & ShieldHolo Rare$0.27-63.51%
Rillaboom 015Rillaboom 015Sword & ShieldRare$0.3914.71%
Rillaboom 015 202 Cracked Ice HoloRillaboom 015 202 Cracked Ice HoloDeck ExclusivesHolo Rare$1.5448.08%
Rillaboom VRillaboom VRebel ClashUltra Rare$1.792.29%
Rillaboom VMAXRillaboom VMAXRebel ClashUltra Rare$3.53-39.66%
RillaboomRillaboomChilling ReignHolo Rare$0.32-55.56%
Rillaboom VRillaboom VFusion StrikeUltra Rare$0.97-60.25%
Rillaboom VMAXRillaboom VMAXFusion StrikeUltra Rare$1.73-67.05%
Rillaboom V Full ArtRillaboom V Full ArtRebel ClashUltra Rare$3.55-30.66%
Rillaboom VMAXRillaboom VMAXRebel ClashSecret Rare$15.89-26.06%
RillaboomRillaboomDarkness AblazeSecret Rare$12.64-69.04%

Rillaboom SWSH006 Prerelease Promo StaffSword & Shield Promo Cards.

Rillaboom 014 202 League PromoLeague & Championship Cards. Rillaboom 014 202 Cosmos HoloMiscellaneous Cards & Products.

[2G] Drain Punch (60)Heal 30 damage from this Pokemon. [3G] Drum Rush (160).

Checkout the latest Pokemon Card Products for Rillaboom V. Complete with prices and trends.