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Sep 12th, 2020

HIGH JUMP HACK ROBLOX( BIT SLICER mac only ∞ working) has built for MAC OS X. ROBLOX CHEAT ENGINE FLY HACK NEW 2017 MARCH UNPATCHED MAC AND PC has built in proxy and VPN for 100% safety and anonymity. Our tool is 100% safe and secure, w us only open source technology and every one can edit and see our code, all instructions ar included after. Roblox Mod Roblox Mod APK v2.479.422568 Features: mod menu: fly hack,superjump,wall hack,. FREE ITEM OFFER (10/20 - 10/27) – Exclusively for Google Play users, grab a free Jack-O-Lantern mask ($5.99 value) for your avatar today! ROBLOX HACKS (MAC) Close. Posted by 6 months ago. ROBLOX HACKS (MAC) Looking for fly script that works for Synapse X.

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  1. --By lindsay on v3rmillion
  2. local LP = game:service('Players').LocalPlayer
  3. local CONTROL = {F = 0, B = 0, L = 0, R = 0}
  4. local SPEED = 5
  5. local function FLY()
  6. local BG ='BodyGyro', T)
  7. BG.P = 9e4
  8. BG.cframe = T.CFrame
  9. BV.maxForce =, 9e9, 9e9)
  10. repeat wait()
  11. if CONTROL.L + CONTROL.R ~= 0 or CONTROL.F + CONTROL.B ~= 0 then
  12. elseif not (CONTROL.L + CONTROL.R ~= 0 or CONTROL.F + CONTROL.B ~= 0) and SPEED ~= 0 then
  13. end
  14. if (CONTROL.L + CONTROL.R) ~= 0 or (CONTROL.F + CONTROL.B) ~= 0 then
  15. BV.velocity = ((game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame.lookVector * (CONTROL.F + CONTROL.B)) + ((game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame * + CONTROL.R, (CONTROL.F + CONTROL.B) * 0.2, 0).p) - game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame.p)) * SPEED
  17. elseif (CONTROL.L + CONTROL.R) 0 and (CONTROL.F + CONTROL.B) 0 and SPEED ~= 0 then
  18. BV.velocity = ((game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame.lookVector * (lCONTROL.F + lCONTROL.B)) + ((game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame * + lCONTROL.R, (lCONTROL.F + lCONTROL.B) * 0.2, 0).p) - game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame.p)) * SPEED
  19. BV.velocity =, 0.1, 0)
  20. BG.cframe = game.Workspace.CurrentCamera.CoordinateFrame
  21. CONTROL = {F = 0, B = 0, L = 0, R = 0}
  22. SPEED = 0
  23. BV:destroy()
  24. end)
  25. if KEY:lower() 'w' then
  26. elseif KEY:lower() 's' then
  27. elseif KEY:lower() 'a' then
  28. elseif KEY:lower() 'd' then
  29. end
  30. if KEY:lower() 'w' then
  31. elseif KEY:lower() 's' then
  32. elseif KEY:lower() 'a' then
  33. elseif KEY:lower() 'd' then
  34. end
  35. FLY()
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