Rock Tiles For Walls

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River rock tiles are a beautiful way to add the appearance of natural rock to the walls of any home. These rounded stones are mounted onto sheets that interlock with one another. When the sheets are pieced together and grouted, the rocks appear to be embedded in the wall they are covering, giving a spa-like atmosphere to the room. Installing the rocks is similar to installing mosaic tiles, with a few differences allowed for the material.

Most types of river rock tile sheets interlock evenly on all four sides. This means that no matter which way the sheets are laid, they piece together seamlessly. Some sheets, however, only piece together in one direction. To ensure that the finished wall does not have visible seams between the sheets of river rock, take some time to practice locking the sheets together.

Measure the wall, and create an area on the floor nearby in the same shape and size. Practice laying out the sheets in this place and locking them together so that when you step back, they form a seamless sheet of rock.