School Floor Texture

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Hallway Flooring

Look no further. If you’ve been tasked with choosing material for a university, K-12 school, or any kind of learning environment, it’s a daunting task. While there are many different surfaces and materials to choose, flooring is a big surface that expands into each individual room and common area, it leads you in and out of the building, and transitions you to and from each space.

In the 100 years Mannington Commercial has been making flooring, we’ve worked side by side with designers, contractors and educators to help implement the right flooring solutions and the products we’ve created are performing in hundreds of schools around the country.

In this article we’ll look at the main education environments, and discuss the best options and products to fit each space. There’s a lot to take into consideration in a cafeteria, but there are 2 things that matter most: noise and slip-resistance. Rubber is a soft surface that is self-healing in nature and sound absorbent. Rubber absorbs noise and has the best slip coefficient, for a wet and dry floor over many other hard surface flooring types.

What is slip coefficient? It is the coefficient of friction of a material and the relation of the forces between the material surfaces, basically, it’s the measure of a surface's ability to resist slipping.