Seamless Tile Texture

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  • Seamless textures make life so much easier. They allow for on-the-fly UV Mapping solutions, can be used in a wider range of projects, and eliminate a lot of post-processing work. Creating seamless textures in Photoshop is really easy—but every image calls for its own series of edits and corrections. This tutorial is about laying out a framework that can apply to any texture. Textures that tile make life easy. You don’t have to stress as much about UV Mapping, you can re-use images more, and post-processing is less of a headache. The problem is that most images aren’t seamless, especially ones that you might have taken with your camera—the real world doesn’t tile very often.
  • How you choose to sharpen your image doesn’t matter—only that it ends up with an appearance suitable for your purposes.
  • I have used third-party sharpening tools in the past but find that using built-in filters is more convenient. I also don’t like being dependent on something that might not always be available if I’m using Photoshop on a different workstation.
  • This will “wrap” the edges of an image around the edges of the canvas based on the offset values you specify.