Sh Vue Cli Service Command Not Found

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Modified1 year, 2 months ago. If I execute the following commands from the root of my Vue app (v.

I get the following error. sh: vue-cli-service: command not found. If I manually add the following symlink to node_modules/.bin the error does not occur.

But I shouldn't have to do this manually, i.e.

if this symlink is required, it should be created when the @vue/cli-service package is installed.

I'm using NPM version 7.0.3 and have the following declared in the devDependencies section of package.json.

Antonio DragosAntonio Dragos. You may be able to skirt the issue by using the following in your package.json:.

This is just a temporary fix, though, as it is most likely an issue with npm not setting the correct path or npm not installing the binary properly.

Try upgrading npm and nvm.

See @bravemaster's comment on the github issue, as this contains several potential fixes.

Skaman SamSkaman Sam. Vue cli must be installed with global flag. If error try same command with sudo. Vue-cli should not be in your package.json as a dependency (not even in dev-dependencies) because it is used only to generate a new project from scratch, not being necessary to run/server/build a project.