Similar Fonts To Neo Sans

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Neo Sans is a successful font of Sebastian Lester.

He representatives that font with an excited feeling. Namelythatof legible without being neutral, nuanced without the need of staying fussy, and expressive with no getting distracting.


Neo Sans Font family is consists of six weights.

  • And Neo Sans Font was optimized for branding jobs, web designs, and publication design.
  • Download Neo Sans Font.

Note that I didn't do a detailed comparison (didn't check letter spacing in particular); those are just what comes to my mind and seem relatively similar. If you are looking for specific font features / characteristics, please specify them.


I would use "Ubuntu" to replace the "NeoSans".

To replace "Fago" I would use "Aller".

They’re both designed by The Dalton Maag Font Foundrie.

The first one, "Ubuntu", is free to use and you can download it from

The second one is free, but only up to 25 users, and you can download it here: