Simple Css Tabs Examples

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A tabbed interface or simply a tab is a graphical control element one can use to contain multiple panels or documents onto a single window for users to access.

Tabs in a Grid

11. Simple Flat Tabs (CSS)

Because of this, it is perfect for single page web pages and applications. It gives users not only a neat and organized UI but also makes the navigation process a whole lot easier.


So if you own a text-heavy site, or simply a content-packed website, then CSS tabs is the easiest way to appeal more to your users.

Keeping that in mind, today we have made a list of the best possible options for our users today. Hand-picked and listed according to the styling elements and best design trends, we hope this list helps you get the perfect start.

Tabbed Content Section

From animated to simple, from complex to minimal, we have included options for it all.

17. Responsive CSS Tabs With Icons

The top of our list is this premium-like CSS tab design by Allen Brady. Simple, elegant and efficient, this design is great for any type of websites whether professional or personal.

4. Animated HTML & CSS Tabs


It is complete with various creative icons animated to work as tabs. Each of these feature a designated area for contents and placeholder for media files as well.

Closable Tabs

Using simple CSS, the creator has also managed to add in a efficient hover effect as well. And the best part here is that it does not rely on any JS, which means the overall template is pretty easy to understand and replicate.

Title:- Sliding tabs | CSS transitions onlyAuthor:-Håvard BrynjulfsenMade With:-HTML,CSS,JS

Following a more professional approach with the design, this next variation is created with all the small details in mind.

Pure CSS Tabs with indicator

However, unlike the previous option, this has it’s roots on the JS implementation alongside the CSS and HTML.


It starts out with a simple CSS tab with both icons and text to depict each selection. When clicked on any one, the contents are displayed under the material based card below the tab.

Tabs Widget

For an even more engaging appeal, you will find the use of vibrant color schemes all changing with the tabs.

Basic Tabs

With the use of simple CSS, there are various animations and transitions implemented throughout. All of these are fully responsive and also adjusts according to the device screens with ease.

Tabby Tabs

Depicting a folder like structure, this is yet another simple, minimal pure CSS tab design we have next in line for you.

Simple CSS Tabs with Shadow

Based off just CSS and HTML for the overall structure as well as the animations implemented, we can say, it is quite easy to understand and replicate.

CSS Tab by Chen Hui Jing

The tabs are designed to look like folder tabs and just like with any folder, it switches the contents according to the tab selected.

19. User Menu CSS Tabs

For that extra detailing, you will find a simple hover effect over the numeric icons on the tab as well.

6. Card Tabs (CSS)

It seems to be responsive as well, which means the design automatically adjusts to all the device frames with ease.

Animated CSS Tabs

Let’s start off with something simple, elegant and clean. This Pure CSS tab is visually pleasing and works perfectly to display multiple posts or contents in a single screen.


Calming purple and white color schemes are pretty appealing to look at. And using just the simple HTML and CSS structure to get the result is impressive.

Tab Interface with 3D Cube

Just like with most of the tab examples, this too uses the horizontal view showcasing the option to toggle between.

14. Set Of Different CSS Tabs

A simple transition of the color shading uses the radio input. This means to highlight which section is clicked on, a darker shade of purple is used.

Title:- Minimal & Sexy Tabs using jQuery UIAuthor:-Simon GoellnerMade With:-HTML,CSS,JS

Creator of this design has kept it simple, however, below the demo, you can also find a link to the 3D version which also uses JS.

Clickable CSS Tabs

Talking about the 3D effect and a more advanced option to choose, this animated CSS tabs is the perfect example.

Title:-CSS TABSAuthor:-Ramnek SinghMade With:-HTML,CSS,JS

Although animated in a subtle manner, this sure makes for an impressive result. And the best part is that all of the codes are based on CSS and HTML.

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This ensures an easier implementation and understanding of the structure. Green and white upon a navy blue background works amazingly.

CSS Tabs Menu

When hovered over each of the tabs, it extends in a smooth animation which when clicked on changes the color scheme to highlight the selection as well.

Pure CSS Tabs

This is a more creative approach to a CSS tab as it is complete with animation, effects and also innovative design structure.

18. CSS Tab Portfolio Example

While most of the tabs are designed as a simple navigational element, this leans more towards a unique and engaging element for your users to enjoy.