Slate Stone Cladding

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Thin Stone are used as lightweight stone cladding these days as a modern concept for quick installations. Flexible stone veneer is one of the modern concept and very economical natural stone cladding. Moreover it is lightweight, quick installation, large format and fast deliveries in any part of the world.

Even you can book as low as 20 sheets. Stone sheets of size 610x1220x2mm and 1220x2440x2mm are processed in regular and Backlit type for the best stone experience. Dharti Craft(A Natural Stone Company) based in Jaipur, India supplies, the best quality stone veneer at worldwide destinations. Especially Air-Cargo is preferred for small quantity and Sea Shipments are preferred for Big quantity.

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Dharti Craft is serving the international stone industry from last 26 years.

Especially the long and practical experience in the stone industry are our key areas.

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Regular Stone veneer is flexible, light weight thin layers of natural stone popularly used as natural stone cladding.

These are thin sheets of size 610x1220x2mm and 1220x2440x2mm.

Especially lightweight stone cladding is used on indoor and outdoor walls, cabinets, showcase, reception counters and columns.

Translucent Stone veneer is flexible also flexible but the specialty is the light can pass through these sheets.

That is why these are further used as backlit stone. Especially these are used as false ceiling, Reception counters and various areas where we want to backlit the stone veneer.

These are also available in 610x1220x2mm and 1220x2440x2mm.

Why Dharti Craft? Because Quality is the best part of every stone which needs to be assured and we serve the best. Why Dharti Craft? Competitive price is always assured being it keep your clients excel and a big success for you.

Why Dharti Craft? Because best packaging keep your stone sheets intact for the best user experience.

We are DUNS Certified supplier. We serve you with the best quality slate stone veneer.

Why quick and on time delivery? Its important and we delivery on time to finish the project well in time. We assist you with Shipping, Export Documents and ready to support for any questions.

Slate, a natural and ecological material

Slate cladding panels are the perfect solution for both exterior and interior walls.

The natural properties of this outstanding material make them one of the best cladding systems in the market.

Contemporary architects consider natural slate cladding an optimal material for building.

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Lightweight Stone Cladding for Home decoration.

Thanks to its high performance, its low maintenance and durability, slate tiles have become a stand-out element in modern design.

The key property of slate cladding is its water resistance. Comparing slate tiles to any other cladding solutions such as cement, slate cladding doesn’t only look more elegant and sophisticated, but it is also more sustainable.

On the other hand, taking into consideration different natural materials such as ceramic or stone, slate is more resistant and long-lasting.

Technical Data Sheet Application Guide