Small Electric Generator For Camping

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Based on our current use we would recommended this generator to everyone. It is very solid generator and meets our needs. We purchased this generator because we live in Florida and do to Hurricanes. For a low cost high powered generator that runs on propane or gas, I think you would be hard pressed to find another that has all the options, key start, and comes with the battery and all the accessories included. A standalone Generac 15KW would have been 9 thousand dollars with the auto transfer switch. You will save thousands and get the same results with this generator.
This is more than enough to run my hole home, and I have 3 freezers, 1 fridge, and many other devices. Granted, my lights in my house are ALL LED now, which helps! But I was able to run three window unit also with four box fans with celling paddle fans, water heater, house water pump all at the same time.
Most of the time I don’t rate or comment. BUT seeing some of these peoples who don’t have a clue what they doing writing comments here.
If you never worked with four-stroke engines. Hire someone else don't blame the generators, do to ignorance of how to ADJUST IT.
Then yes, I saw you needed to hook up the negative ground wire, (all batteries on engines never comes hook up) to the battery so I did that.
(Now this quote from some other people writings) #1 “the unit will start rite up but surges badly on LP. Turning off the auto throttle switch corrects this issue. There is nothing in the manual regarding this switch. Once this was done the engine runs smooth.”#2 Engine revs up then dies down. Pretty annoying.
(YOUR FIX) If you adjust the idle on the carburetor up, you can fix this and the auto throttle will work for LP running. Knowing what to do is key here. And No, you will not find this in the instructions. Again, Hire someone else if you do not know what I am talking about, don't blame the generator.
It is shipped without oil, so it needs 1qt and a half of 5-w30. This is in your instructions, so, why be surprise you don’t have any oil.
I do not recommend the 20gal that’s a full-sized grill propane cylinder. You can only use a little under half a tank before you will have problems with not enough Pressure to run generator. Get a sixty or eighty gallon, will work better and longer. I myself have it on a 250gal tank.
Hope I have cleared up these “People miss understandings of what not to do.