Solar Backup Generators For Homes

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How Does It Work


Solar backup generators offer a greener, renewable and more reliable solution to all of these problems.

Solar generators are quiet, lack any harmful fumes and exhaust, and are completely renewable.

With a handful of well-placed solar panels, you can provide a FREE supply of backup power for your home.

Today, solar home backup power is within reach of everyone. Over the past few decades, the steady march of technology has extended battery life and made solar panels less expensive and more efficient. As a result, solar generators have gone from a wildly expensive, fringe DIY project, to a user-friendly and affordable solution that anyone can purchase online.

The cost of a solar generator remains higher than a comparable wattage power gas generator, but considering all of the benefits, a lot of people today are choosing to go solar. Today, you can select from dozens of solar generators designed for home power and standby backup.

Which one stands above the rest? Read on to learn about the most popular & proven solar generators sold today. NOTE: In addition to the retail generators listed on this page, you can find more expensive, permanently installed generator solutions from a licensed solar energy installer in your town.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Generators

Modern times have brought us to be reliant on most of our home gadgets and appliances. They have improved our lives but at the price of costly energy. The best solar generator can take the burden off your shoulders by providing you with efficient energy for off-grid living or everyday use.

As these can also come at a hefty price, consider choosing the best one to suit your needs and the way you spend your stored energy. Off-grid living or a mobile home lifestyle will be a thousand times better with this investment.

As they gain popularity with the convenience it brings, your next adventure can be exponentially lighter with the perfect and easy-to-use solar-powered generator.

Best Solar Generator Reviews. 1000 watts of power and 1002 Wh. Has three pure sine wave outlets. Connections for your mobile devices as it has 2 USB-C and one quick-charge 3.0 port. Compact and very portable. Can be quickly recharged within 8 hours and has four recharging ways.

How We Picked And Tested

Cannot support devices with a rating of more than 1000W for enough power. Spend the outdoors without worrying about loss of energy with the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer. Jackery has been specializing in providing customers with the best solar powered generator that is portable and easy-to-use for the great outdoors.

At 1000 watts of power, your solar panels can run more excellently. Solar panels can safely be connected with this larger wattage. It also has a larger capacity of 1002Wh. You will never run out of stored energy, whether when you are out camping or on a road trip.

It also boasts about working on pure sine waves for cleaner energy output, so whatever is plugged, it will always run on its greatest efficiency. What I like is that pure sine wave inverter types also protect the capability of the appliances in the long run. With lesser disturbances, the cleaner output will guarantee you that it works at its best.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Solar Generator

Are you tired of having limited outlets? These have three pure sine wave outlets so your appliances can run at the same time. You can stay connected with your electronic devices as this has two connections for USB C. On the go and can’t wait for quite some time for your electronic devices to run on a full battery?

9. EF ECOFLOW Portable Power Station

This generator also has one quick-charge 3.0 port, so your cellular phones, tablets, and other devices can run effectively in no time. What makes this easy-to-use solar generator stand out from the rest is its portability. It is compact and can be carried around for outdoor parties.

It works well for RV-owners as these don’t take too much space and can fully operate your mobile home, especially useful when you plan to throw outdoor parties. Not going anywhere nor having a party anytime soon? This generator also works well for energy storage in case of power outages. Although it cannot support appliances with a rating over 1000W, the fact that it can power up to 8 devices at the same time still makes this a very great investment.

6. Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station

It can also be charged within 8 hours using only two solar panels! That makes this generator a very cost-efficient and energy-saving one! Besides a solar panel, you can also recharge it using a car or wall outlet, or another powered generator.

222Wh of backup power supply. Two outputs for both AC and DC power. Two quick-charge 3.0 ports and one 2.4A USB port. Recharges in three different ways. Compact, lightweight, and very portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your adventures will never run out power with this Portable Power Station from FlashFish to run your electronic devices. With all the benefits and features, this generator is a must for all your outdoor events and long drives. With a 222Wh of backup power supply, you can operate devices with enough power and won’t run out of energy for most of the gadgets you need outdoors.

What Is A Solar Generator And Who This Is For

It has two 110V AC outlets for your fan, TV, and even laptops. What makes this an excellent buy is the availability of two 12V DC ports for your car accessories, like the vacuum, fan, and charger. On an adventure, your mobile phones, cameras, and drones are essential.

7. FF FLASHFISH 200W Portable Power Station

This solar generator also has two quick-charge 3.0 USB ports and a single 2.4A USB port for all your must-have gadgets. Photos, videos, and the right GPS are always at hand with this portable energy source.

Recharging has been one of the most common hassles when it comes to generators on the market. The good thing about this unit from FlashFish is that it can be recharged in 3 ways. You can recharge your solar generator through a wall or a car outlet. And of course, solar panels are one of the most cost-effective means of restoring energy in this generator.

What makes me in awe of this generator is its battery management system. This well-designed system has both short-circuit and low-voltage protection. Too much either current or voltage can also harm the batteries. However, still, this generator also protects itself against those.

Lastly, I like that it has a special mechanism to protect against the common overheating problems. The portability being offered with this top rated solar generator can readily be seen with its easy-to-carry handle for your trips to the beach, fishing weekends, and others.

10. Wagan EL2546 Solar e Cube 1500W

For a durable generator, it is very lightweight. It even fits perfectly inside your backpack! As the battery has an ingenious system of protecting itself, you can not use it while charging. This point can be disadvantageous, but with its protective mechanism, the generator’s lifespan is extended.

Don’t you love products that just halt you when you’re already draining your money on the wrong practices? That’s what this generator is all about, and that’s how smart an investment it can be. Long life cycle. Battery Management System. A lot of safety features to protect from overheating.

2. FF FLASHFISH 300W Solar Generator

Operates on pure sine wave. Multiple outlets for multiple gadgets. Never miss a moment when you’re outdoors with this multipurpose power storage for camping, RV road trips, and off-grid living. At a capacity of 1000W, continuous power flow will never be interrupted.

Aside from that, it has a long-life cycle of more than 2500 times because it has a high-rated battery cell. A feature you would look out for heavy-duty solar generators on the market is the battery. The Battery Management System of this generator protects it from overcurrent or overvoltage.

Short circuits and temperature changes have no place in this generator with that smart integrated system. This lithium ion solar generator will surely bring you savings in the long run.

11. Aeiusny 500w Portable Solar Generator

Additionally, the aluminum alloy outer shell prevents it from overheating, making your generator more efficient. With 2 AC outlets operating at pure sine waves, your appliances will have smooth output while expanding its lifespan.

It also has an intelligent fan startup to protect itself. This generator’s safety features ensure that your trips are a thousand times enjoyable with its powerful energy generating capacity. Wherever you are, the strength of the sunlight will be maximized for energy storing in this heavy-duty generator.

Best Solar Generator Reviews

It has a built-in MPPT technology that makes solar charging more efficient wherever your solar panel is positioned. The solar array quickly matches the generator for more efficient energy storage. Multiple gadgets can charge at the same time with 4 USB outlets.

8. MAXOAK EB150 Portable Power Station

The trending Type C connectors also have one space in this generator. The numerous output features of this heavy-duty unit make it vital to bring around most of your trips. Your mini-fridge, laptop, mobile phones and other gadgets won’t run low on battery life again. Charging through solar panels is made easy as it comes with MC4 cables for solar charging.

It can also be plugged on a wall outlet. Within 12 hours, its energy can be fully restored and ready for your outdoor event and emergency needs. The only downside of this heavy-duty unit is that it can be heavy to carry around. But although portability isn’t one of its strongest suits, the powerful generator still standouts when it comes to delivering quality converted energy.

5. BALDR 330w Portable Power Station

Very portable (lightweight and compact design). Quiet generator. Can be recharged as early as 7 hours. Multiple charging options. Integrated Battery Management System. Trust a brand that has been known to provide customers with the best portable solar generator for years. Jackery has one of the most reliable names in the industry specializing in outdoor power solutions for adventure seekers and explorers out there.

Some generators in the market produce noise, but not the Jackery Portable Power Station. One of the best things about this generator is how it operates quietly. Whether you’re out on a camp or a party, this generator won’t grab all the attention because of the noise. I bet the adventurer within you will be glad to have this around.

It lives up to its name of portability because it is lightweight and can be easily carried around. Are you worried that this will be bulky? Don’t be, since this generator is compact and durable for the great outdoors. Packing light won’t be a problem on your next trips! With this generator’s 240W capacity, most of your on-the-go gadgets and electronic devices will never run out of battery.

1. Jackery Explorer 1000 For Camping

Laptops can have 3-4 charges and even up to 11 charges for cameras! And it also runs on pure sine waves for a cleaner and smoother power output. That’s worth the deal if you’re mostly out traveling. The multiple recharging options of the Jackery Portable Power Station is also a win-win situation.

It can be recharged using solar panels in as quickly as 7 hours. Aside from that, carports, AC outlets, and other generators can also restore their energy. Are you worried that the battery might wear off quickly? This heavy-duty unit has an integrated Battery Management System that protects it from overheating.

The system also safeguards the entire unit against excess voltage and current, making your unit last for more escapades and outdoor activities.

12. PAXCESS 330w Portable Camping Generator

Another thing to love about this generator is the smart display. It tells you the input and output wattage, so you’ll know if the gadget is compatible. It also displays the remaining battery. The only thing that might hold you back is how some devices, like those more than 200W, are not supported by this generator.

But for backup energy and portable power sources, you can’t go wrong with this generator. Power capacity of 297Wh. Can be recharged in 3 methods. Has a built-in Battery Management System. Multiple ports with a wireless charger and LED flashlight. Easy to carry around because it’s lightweight and small. If you are on the hunt for a quality solar power generator for homes or for outdoors, consider having the Baldr Portable Power Station.

It is a great companion if you need to-be-stored energy for future use or for traveling. The power capacity of this generator is an astonishing 297Wh. It can efficiently provide power for common household appliances, travel essentials, and even CPAP machines. At hand, this has been one of the most beneficial things to have for emergencies.

4. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240

Within 5 hours (and sometimes up to 8 hours), this generator can work back again after recharging through compatible 100W solar panels. That’s incredibly faster than other portable generators. Aside from that, it can be charged in 2 different methods. Wall charging will get this unit running again within 5 to 8 hours as well.

3. MAXOAK EB240 Portable Solar Generator

Cars can also restore their battery life to 7 to 8 hours. Battery utilization is also improved as it uses the Battery Management System. Battery life is then generally extended because it is protected against short circuit, overcurrent, overload, and more.

A feature that’s unique in this unit? It comes with a wireless charger and a multi-mode flashlight!

Solar Batteries

This caters to the needs of all explorers out there. One of the concerns that most travelers look first at is generators. Baldr Portable Power Station is the perfect one for you to charge your gadgets on. It has 3 USB ports for most mobile devices, as well as one universally known C type port.

It also has one pure sine wave AC outlet and 2 DC ports. What I love about this unit is that it is easy to bring around. You can conveniently carry it on road trips, outdoor pool parties, camping, and even while working.

It is lightweight and has a small size that fits most carrying bags. The handle can also be slid back in its place, so it’s less bulky while on use. You might get too excited about this power station’s features, but keep in mind that it doesn’t support devices that are rated over 330W.

What is the best type of battery for a whole house solar backup generator?

But that aside, this powerful generator caters to all the other devices that are commonly brought on trips. High-quality lithium battery. Multiple ports. Can be recharged in 3 ways. Very lightweight, compact, and easy to bring around trips. Being out on the road doesn’t mean you won’t get connected anymore.

Flooded and Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Check out the Goal Zero Yeti if you want the best solar generator for off-grid living. Its compact design will take you to places while still being connected to power. That’s portability and convenience, all in one generator.

If you are still weighing between Humless vs Goal Zero, here are a few features that will ease your mind and bring clarity on what to have on your next trip. The lithium battery used in this model from Goal Zero is high-quality with up to 187Wh.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

It has been designed by power station experts and is engineered to deliver smooth energy output. One of the best things that you’ll love about this Goal Zero Yeti is that the ports are not limited to a few devices.

It has a 120V AC port, one 12V output port, and one 6mm output port. Considering charging the common mobile devices and cameras? It also has two USB-A output ports, one USB-C output port, and one USB-C PD input and output port.

Let’s Talk About Inverters

It truly is the high-speed charger you won’t regret having on trips. So whatever you have outdoors, your gadgets won’t run low on the battery if you have the reliable Goal Zero Yeti with you. Recharging is made easy because the Goal Zero Yeti easily restores energy with compatible solar panels, like the Nomad 28.

Your car’s 12V outlet can also recharge this unit. It comes with a lithium 12V car charging cable so you can recharge anytime. You can also plug it into a wall outlet and will be fully recharged in just 4 hours. What makes this Goal Zero Yeti stand out against its competitors is how compact and light it is.

Grid-Tie Inverters vs Off-Grid Inverters

It is perfect for travelers who enjoy being connected to power while engaging with adventures. The Goal Zero Yeti portable solar power generator has been one of the lightest power stations in the market today.

The subtle fan noise might be noticeable, but overall, this product from Goal Zero runs quietly for the power that it provides. Beyond that, this user-friendly and portable solar power station lets you have stored energy on the go. The interactive LED display informs you of the current battery level as well. Those features will make you get up and invest in one.

Best Whole House Solar Backup Kits

Efficiently runs CPAP machines. Multiple charging ports for different devices. High performance with a multifunction LCD display. Handy and light to carry around. Three different modes of recharging. Constantly in the search for the right solar generator for CPAP that will suit your needs?

Consider this power station from FlashFish that can efficiently run your CPAP for spontaneous breathing. It is also perfect for camping, road trips, and even just for backup energy at home. If you mind your gadget’s battery now and then, this will be the perfect solution whenever they run low.

This station has multiple charging ports that will fit most devices, like mobile phones, cameras, laptops, drones, fans, and even car appliances. It has one AC output at 200W and two DC ports. Quick charging is also one of its noteworthy features with two quick-charge 3.0 ports; an additional USB port is also a bonus for your other devices.


Don’t be deceived by the size because if you need the most powerful solar generator in the market today, this should be on your list. Its high performance at 151Wh will meet your demands. You’ll be in awe with the power that it can provide, even though it’s so light and handy!