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Find and download the best sound booster for PC from this write-up and increase the volume above the maximum level in a jiffy. The good music renders you calm, and nothing compares to an amplified quality with an amazing booster and equalizer that read your mood and understand your demands.

There is a world full of such apps that help you extract sound experience from your morning playlist or binge watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Inside a crazy need of a free sound booster for Windows 10 to make your favorites sound clearer and perhaps, just the way you want them to tune. Yes, there is a thing called equalization which is basically a program helping you adjust, cut or boost the frequencies of sound to give you the perfect audio experience. It varies from genre to genre and song to song. It has got your craze for filters mapped the never-ending dimensions of music.

While listening to your favorite rock track on PC you may sometimes wish to tweak or adjust the sound delivery and for a case like this, we have gathered the best free PC sound boosters for Windows 10. In this list, you will get to know the 13 best PC sound boosters for Windows 10 that may prove to be a big help in leveling up your musical leisures with control over the enhancement of audio and video sound.

Your search for a free sound booster for Windows 10 may come to an end with this super cool and easy-to-use Equalizer APO. It has multiple features to treat your PC with soundness. It is easy on your CPU usage and carries low latency. Also, it features a friendly user interface and modular graphic interface.

This app is open source and allows you to make your grip over its functions which makes it the best free PC sound booster for Windows PCs. However, it might take a little extra time from you to set up.

App Name:Creative Sound Blaster Driver
Developer:Creative Technology Ltd.
Version:Creative Sound Blaster Driver 1.02.0001 (for Win 10)
Updated:January, 18th 2020
CategoryDrivers and Mobile Phones
File Size:38.27 MB
File Type:EXE file
Requirement:PC/laptop/tablet running Windows
(Windows 8.1 (32-bit) / Windows 8.1 (64-bit))

You get support to unlimited channels with Equalizer APO. It does not have latency issues. The software has no issues with latency.

It supports VST plugins. It is compatible with voice meter and peace interface.

  • Here is another one of the best free sound boosters for Windows 10 with ample choices to match your music-listening habits.
  • DFX Audio Enhancer allows you to enjoy the audio sound at more than 100% volume in PC.
  • Besides, it breaks you free from default player and thus gives a great sound boost despite the audio/video player name.
  • Its features include an equalizer, music type and presets that become handy while using different music profiles.

Best Free Sound Boosters For Windows 10 In 2022

Also Read: Best Beat Making Software for Windows. Apart from being a volume booster software for Windows 10, DFX has more interesting features like 3D surround, fidelity.

✔ Free & Safe Download for Windows PC/laptop – 38.27 MB

However such features don’t count under its free version. The interface of the software is very easy which can be adopted by anyone.

11. Ear Trumpet

It offers both speaker and headphone options to provide a better listening experience.

You get a huge list of presets to choose from. You can reduce or boost up to some extent by simply sliding the bar. Naming another excellent volume booster for Windows 10, we know that we cannot get enough of VLC Media Player.

  1. It lets you have the freedom of equalizing music with 10-band equalizer according to your choice and preset feature in it makes you enjoy the parameters of different music genres.
  2. But the most relaxing part about this free sound booster for Windows 10 has to be its compatibility with all types of audio formats.
  3. The software gets an inbuilt 10 band equalizer. You can easily choose from the list of presets.
  4. The volume can be increased up to 200% with VLC Media Player.
  5. You get an overall boost of sound with the Spatializer.
  6. Read More: Best Duplicate Photo Finders and Cleaners For Windows 10, 8, 7. Viper4Windows is another famous name in the world of best free PC sound boosters.

It secures a place in this list as a free sound booster for Windows 10. Thanks to its multiple features that are preloaded in this classic app. It features settings to have grip over audio density, bandwidth and more. However, it takes an extra effort from you to set this app up but it will be worth it.

It offers three different modes: music mode, movie mode, and freestyle. You can easily enhance the sound clarity and purification. It shows alerts when you are using or listening for too long. You get various modes of surround sound. You can count on this popular and one of the best audio enhancers for Windows 10, Boom 3D.

After bagging a terrific success as an app designed for iOS and Mac, Global Delight Apps has finally introduced Boom 3D as a free volume booster for Windows 10 which is a huge relief for many.

  • It features settings that help you enjoy the sounds at your own terms. It has a modular graphic interface and bass booster along with the presets that can be customized whenever required.
  • The best part is its compatibility with earphones/ headphones.
  • You may want to enjoy its free trial version to make a final go.
  • Headphones are compatible with surround sound. You get a list of presets which can be customized.
  • It supports streaming services and third-party players.
  • You can customize as per requirements easily with the software.
  • FX sound is another popular name into the list of best free sound boosters for Windows 10.
  • It features a user-friendly interface and carries all the ease of the world to let you enjoy its functions without hand-wringing.
  • This best PC sound booster features presets that give you a hand as you explore multiple music genres and also works on an incredible compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Besides, its powerful sound equalizer is something you should not skip.
  • Explore this app with a 7-day free trial version.

6. FX Sound

  1. You can create custom effects as per needs.
  2. It offers a whole lot of features in equalization.
  3. The software has genre-based presets so that you can find the one easily.
  4. Simple and adaptable interface ideal for all users. Check this reliable, friendly app which some of you may call the best audio enhancer for Windows 10 as well as the best volume booster for Windows 10.
  5. It is compatible with all the music applications that you may have installed already such as Youtube, Spotify and many more.

3. VLC Media Player

  1. It is available in three versions counting free, premium plus, and premium pro version.
  2. You can easily work on your project without hampering other audios.
  3. It lets you choose from 7 audio profiles. It smartly prioritizes the important process and invests resources in them.
  4. You get compatibility with most of the third-party software. Breakaway Audio Enhancer makes it to this list as an incredible free sound booster for Windows 10 for its smooth and easy interface.

13. Letasoft Sound Booster

  1. It features peak limiters that keep the sound from distorting.
  2. It allows you to dive into an incredible musical experience by correcting the volumes and controlling the sound performance.
  3. It offers you a trial version which may make you want to buy the paid one.
  4. You can easily process the sound of music, movies, and other files.

The software offers better consistency and depth of music. You can enhance the quality of audio output from PC.

  1. It is compatible with most of the Windows operating systems.
  2. In AudioRetoucher, you can explore layering the required touches and perfect finishes to the audio composition and tempo.
  3. It features settings as simple as picking the file, adding the finer details and saving it.
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  5. This best PC sound booster for Windows 10 does not cause any stretch to your patience and amplifies the music frequencies in no time.

The simple user interface makes it easy for changing the default settings. It supports a majority of the audio formats. Ideal software for beginners. It has automatic beats per minute calculator which shows real-time data on the home screen. Unveil the extra volume that hides beneath with this music player called Volume Booster.

This app, the best sound enhancer for Windows 10, is an extension offered by Google Chrome to suffice your musical standards and prove to be your best free PC sound booster for Windows 10. It does not require any installation as it is an extension.

Simple slider interface to adjust volumes. The extension can boost volume up to 1000%. Now ads or malware to interrupt your process. Ear Trumpet, another volume booster for Windows 10 that addons more functionality to Windows 10 Audio mixer.

Basically, it is the absolute volume control app for windows 10. Moreover, the user interface is quite simple and easy to use which lets you choose between the playback devices within one click. Plus, Ear Trumpet is available free on Microsoft Store. Read More: Best Free Media Players For Windows. The core features of Ear Trumpet includes automatic updates, dark mode, multi-lingual, and many more.

Ear Trumpet enables you to set the default sound for all apps. So, what are you looking for, click on the below-given download button to install it now! The software can easily set default volumes for each software easily.

You get support to multiple languages. It lets you perform all the volume mixing functions easily. Automatic update to remove bugs from the software.

DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software is another best sound booster for PC users who are looking to get more volume out of their speakers and headphones. It is developed by a reputable Australian company named NCH Software and it stands out due to its ability to apply audio effects in real-time.

As opposed to other speaker volume boosters it comes with some great audio enhancing features to let you maximize your sound experience to full potential. The software is available free of charge for non-commercial work. Now let us have a quick look at some of its most prominent features:.

The software lets you apply a wide range of live audio effects, including amplify, equalize, reverb, tremolo, and more. It lets you boost sound volume without any kind of distortion. It allows users to apply unlimited layers of effects for creating unique sounds.

It lets you enhance the music and audio playing from speakers and headphones using the system-wide equalizer. Also Read: 16 Best Free Audio Editing Software For Windows in 2021. A decent solution for beginners and more experienced users alike, Letasoft Sound Booster gets a special mention on this list of best free audio boosters for Windows 10.

With the help of a PC sound volume booster application like this, you can boost the volume of all your favorite apps and games up to 500% of the original level. The software comes with a built-in distortion detection module that continuously monitors the current gain level and helps users avoid clipping when playing samples/instruments at a higher volume.

Let’s take a quick glance at the distinct features of this application that make it the best sound booster for laptop in Windows 10. This volume booster for PC is very easy to use and configure. It lets you increase the loudness of communication programs (e.g., Skype and MSN) and all kinds of music and games played on your Windows device.

It helps reduce the background noise from your samples and sounds. It provides two different options (code injection & APO effects) for boosting sound on laptops and desktop computers. Though you may stop by many apps that you can call the best free sound booster for Windows 10 but there is always more to what meets the eyes.

Basic features such as presets, graphics, interface, fidelity and more affect and change your mind multiple times before finally getting your yes ticked on one free volume booster for Windows 10.