Sound Blaster Cinema Download Msi

Posted on  by admin

So, as many of you, I have been incredibly disappointed by Nahimic's lack of features compared to Sound Blaster Cinema 2.

After extensive research and fiddling, I've settled on a solution which works flawlessly on Windows 10 64bit.

Hopefully one day Nahimic and MSI will get their ruddy act together and give us the kind of service deserved by those spending this kind of money on their hardware.

For reference, I use a Haswell era GT72.Step 1: Download the appropriate two files.

- Sound Blaster Cinema 2 V1.00.08. It's been released for select MSI motherboards, but not for any laptops. However, since the chip used on all MSI hardware is pretty much identical, it should work. Another user on this forum posted it here if you can't find it by googling: - Realtek HD Audio Drivers.

You'll want to download the most recent released for yourdevice before MSI's move to Nahimic.


In general, this means choosing Windows 7 in the support dropdown on your device's webpage, because Nahimic doesn't seem to be coming to Win7. For the GT72, that's meant I'm using 2: Uninstall all existing related files. Fairly self explanatory, uninstall any versions of Sound Blaster, Nahimic, or any other audio driver software you may have tried. Also uninstall your existing Realtek audio drivers completely.