Sound Blaster Command G6

Posted on  by admin
It's been half a year since I've been using it and what I've noticed the newer version of soundblaster connect called soundblaster connect is still missing basic settings for picking stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 output and the default format,.!!! The old version had a whole tab dedicated to it, now it seems i can't even turn off the 7.1 surround? I know i can change the format in windows settings, but why wouldn't it be supported within the literal app of the soundcard, especially since it at a point has been before?? I would greatly appreciate an option for scout mode to dial the smart volume, if it's possible? usually i love it, but other times i would want the detials, but not having it blast off my ears - when if sound is dialed down, it tries even harder to make it louder and makes the audio bad, distorted and noisy. Lately with scout mode it makes a white noise hiss in fps shooter when no audio is coming in, and goes away momentarily after shooting. Comes back in seconds though. I do appreciate the latest addition of an off switch of volume button LED. The Sound Blaster G6 is used to improve the audio on most gaming devices.