Sound Blaster G5 Review

Posted on  by admin
I had been using the G5 for a few years as a means to get decent headphone audio from my PC, as well as my TV through its optical out. The G6 improves on it in almost every way.
The sound is better, and it was already pretty good. Be it playing Master audio tracks in Tidal and getting better separation of the instruments and better power, or the visceral thrill that separation and punch brings playing Battlefield 1. The sound is great. Except if I turn on 32 bit 384khz it does make clicky sounds and a there is a hiss sometimes before audio starts playing. I'm perfectly happy with 24 bit 96khz though. So I don't take too much off for that. Lets say 1/2 a star.
The Dolby Digital decoding takes the spot as the best feature they added. The difference in console games, in watching TV and movies. Its very noticeable over the stereo pcm before.
Then finally the one thing they did that is worse than the original, THE STUPID LIGHT ON THE FRONT THAT YOU CANNOT TURN OFF, nor easily tape over. I use this in my bedroom, I sleep in my bedroom, the computer provides it enough power while turned off to keep the light on. They wisely gave you the option to disable the RGB light on the top, but not the light by the dial. I'm reduced to draping black cloth over it before I go to bed.
Please stop it with these LEDs! It is unnecessary!