Sound Blaster G6 Review

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Overall score 78/100

“We’re going streaking!! Through the Quad!! Come on everybody!!” LOL.
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Feb 13, 2016
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Added some photos and the SoundBlaster Connect Demo Video. Article/link cleanup. Big shoutout to the folks over at Creative for sending this demo unit in exchange for a review/video. I am not sponsored by them; just giving my thoughts and impressions. Hey there friend, and Welcome aboard!! Before we get into the Creative SoundBlasterX G6 Amp/DAC Review, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. (And sometimes ramble). Strap on your seat belts folks, this one is about to get weird. Now without further ado, let’s get rolling! Every time I think I’ve found the one, another one comes along. Now you may think I’m referring to women, and I am. Just kidding I’m not. I kind of am though. One of my best friends from back in the day loved to tease me about my propensity to seemingly never luck out with women, find a good one, and actually keep her. In other words, my habit of dating a lot of women and it never working out for various reasons. “Well, at least you’ll have a chance for a little while … before it crumbles.”. If you go to 18:22 on the video below that’s where he says it but I can’t make out what he says after “you’ll” because of my drunk, obnoxious loud a**. I’m guessing it’s “have a chance.” It’s really the only thing that makes sense in context. Mind you, he said that in the heat of a WWE 2k13 battle (what we all dubbed “Wrestle Jam”), and when I tell you it was heated, it actually got fairly nasty. Basically what I’m saying is that we all took it WAY too seriously. It’s been about 6-7 years, and his quote has haunted me since the day he said it. Because in a lot of ways he’s right. I’m 33 now, and I don’t have a girlfriend. I found love again in 2019, but it didn’t ultimately work out. Story of my life, right? I can’t even adequately put into words the frustration that I’ve felt over the last 15 years – waiting, hoping, and just feeling torn apart inside because I can’t seem to find that special someone, even though I’ve had 2 or 3 really significant loves. Still: I really, REALLY like being single. Double-edged sword. I love my bachelor pad. I love not having a roommate. I love peace and quiet, and I value independence and freedom. It’s truly priceless to come home and not have to hear anyone or anything: No dogs, no babies, no dirty diapers, no nagging wife, no screaming 4-year-old, nothing. Just the sweet, sweet sound of Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels, or some crispy vinyl, an engaging movie, some great music, the white noise of the cars whizzing by, the atmosphere of Fallout, an open window allowing me to hear the birds, etc. There really is nothing like it. My response to him back then? “Hey guess what? You crumble in every match.”. My best friend Brandon was awful at the game and we made fun of him constantly for it. He lucked out a few times and won a couple of championships (one as Kratos, and one as a cheating Chuck Norris, long story) and he did improve a lot. But he would get owned in the most hilarious of ways, and it sort of became a meme after awhile (He was something like 0-32 playing as the character He-Man). Do you even video game? If you want to see the clip I did from back in the day, I will embed it here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:. The sad part about looking back on this is that our friendship was never the same afterward. We all would get so worked up over the game that it kind of boiled over into unnecessary rage at times. It was the definition of competitive. Like, “we play for fake belts” competitive. It got completely and totally out of control to the point of absolute absurdity. *Us to random strangers in a bar*. “Yeah, we’re going home to play WWE and wrastle for belts.”. Random Strangers: ??? This is kind of how it went after we told them:. I even made custom belts out of cardboard and painted them, awarding them to their respective winners in each category (World Title, Intercontinental, Hell in a Cell, Tag Team, Elimination Chamber, etc.) Yeah, we took it too far. It was fun, but it was stressful. The project (seen above) was my farewell to 2k13 and all the drama that was caused by it. Though it was a blast to make and brings back good memories, it ultimately made us drift apart. I think what happened was my friend got so sick of losing that it caused him to show a side of himself that none of us really knew existed. He’s a very quiet, unassuming, and reserved person for the most part. I think wrestling brought out some emotions in him that had been bottled up for a long time. My friend Thomas had his moments as well. After my character Sub-Zero kicked out of a record 17 or so pins on his way to recapturing the Intercontinental Title for the 3rd straight time, Thomas got pissed off in a way that I had never seen before. He is generally very friendly and upbeat, so watching him slam down a beer bottle on the coffee table and curse the game was semi-jarring, to say the least. I was equally as bad, as I remember one instance being so furious that I basically just got up and left. “Screw you guys! I’m goin’ home!” -Eric Cartman. I have a more fiery/passionate personality, and it most certainly showed from time to time. Nowadays I’m more mellowed out, but I digress. His character Rick Rude and my Snake Plissken had some really competitive battles for the World Title, but I think he kept his emotions in check better than the rest of us. I seriously got off track, but it felt right and natural to spill that, so whatever. Originally I was talking about Amps and women. Let’s get back to that. The G6 is an example of an Amp that came along and made me re-think my solid stance on the FiiO K5 Pro, much like an amazing woman can come along and cause you to change your stance on love and the infinite amount of possibilities that it can bring. The K5 is an Amp/DAC combo that can do basically anything in a home studio and/or home theater type of environment. It’s an extremely valuable asset to have if you’re listening to music or gaming, as it works in a variety of ways. Instead of talking about it again (for the millionth time and boring everyone), I’ll just link you here: iFi Zen vs. FiiO K5 Pro vs. And here’s a screenshot of a motion graphic I designed as well:. The G6 is similar to the K5 in that it also works in a myriad of ways and becomes a valuable asset in the studio as well as in your living room. Well, let’s get into it! First off, the G6 is light but still seems robust, resembling something out of Blade Runner. If Harrison Ford were to listen to music during his downtime, this amp would certainly be the gadget he’d use to do it with. There’s a nice pad on the bottom that prevents it from moving around too much, and I find it really pleasurable to the touch. It’s got a brushed aluminum look but is mostly built of plastic. There’s a black stripe running vertically down the center, with the SoundBlasterX Logo engraved in the middle. The color of the X can actually be modified to your liking as well, adding to the nerdiness! Just download the SoundBlaster Connect app for your desktop. Note: You can’t see it in the video because I didn’t know about it yet, but if you hover over the line with your mouse, it will turn into a small pen. Now you can actually draw out the FR response however you like! It’s pretty amazing. Once you’re finished drawing, let go. Now the line will be modified according to whatever you drew, and it’s incredibly precise. On the front, there’s a volume potentiometer that feels nice to turn. You can press it in once to mute, or hold it for 2 seconds to cycle between the headphone input and the mic input. You’d obviously use mic mode if you’re gaming with something like a V-Moda Boom Pro, Ant Lion Mod Mic 5, etc. On the back, there’s a micro USB input for your console/PC, a combo line/optical input as well as a combo line/optical out!