Sound Blaster G6 Setup

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Expand the audio capabilities of your computer with internal and external sound cards. Internal options connect to the peripheral component interconnect (PCI) or PCIe on the motherboard and provide ports for speakers, microphones, gaming controllers and CD players. External models plug into a USB port on the machine and provide 3.5mm input and output and coaxial and optical Sony®/Phillips® digital interface (S/PDIF) connections. Both internal and external audio cards convert the computer language into audible sounds. For those who want to hear the nuances of their movies, videos and games, these cards provide additional capabilities and include the ability to record sound and use external speakers and audio systems. Adding a Sound Blaster® or similar expansion card helps boost your existing computer or audio system setup. TV cards send signals from set-top boxes to speaker systems for enhanced sound when watching shows and movies. Gaming cards help improve background and in-game noises so players hear more of what is going on around them. Look for cards that include ports for microphones and other input devices and add or remove sounds during video editing sessions.