Sound Blaster G6 Windows 10

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The Sound BlasterX G6 from Creative Labs is a USB Gaming DAC and external sound card. The G6 combines a virtual 7.1-channel, 32-bit / 384 kHz, 130 dB USB DAC with an Xamp discrete headphone amplifier. With Dolby Digital decoding and virtual 7.1 surround sound, game-voice volume balancing, and Scout Mode.

Host Interface: USB Type-A USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s)Ports: 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Line Input1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Line Output1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Headphone Output1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm Microphone Input1 x Micro-USB Input/OutputChannels: 7.1Impedance: 1 Ohm (Output)150 to 600 Ohms (High Gain)16 to 149 Ohms (Low Gain)16 to 600 Ohms (Headphone)Max Sample Rate/Resolution: 192 kHz / 32-Bit (Recording)96 kHz / 32-Bit (Playback)THD: 0.0006%.

I am trying to get Dolby surround working on my Sound Blaster X G6, connected via USB to PC and plugged optically into a 5.1 Logitech system.

I can get individual speakers to work via the test tones in the SB Connect software (edit - no I can't, the Logitech still shows a stereo input signal), but no surround sound in games.