Sound Blaster K3+ Software

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Enhance Your Audio with the BlasterX Acoustic Engine

We first got a look at the Sound Blaster K3+ at CES when we stopped by the Creative Suite. It was advertised as a USB Audio Interface designed with streamers in mind. To say that I was impressed with the concept of the K3+ would be a vast understatement.

In fact, it was the thing I was most excited about seeing at CES 2018. But too often, launch products are a shell of their prototype counterparts.

I’ve learned my lesson with getting too excited over hype. But, the K3+ had such potential, it was hard to not get my hopes up that the K3+ would be everything they said at CES. Well, after extensive testing with the Sound Blaster K3+, including comparing it to my previous interface, with a couple different microphones, I’m very happy to say, the K3+ not only lived up to my expectations, but may have exceeded them just a bit.

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One of the best features is actually the lack of features. These being drivers and software. The K3+ is plug and play and can be used without a computer.


The K3+ offers a ton of options that my old interface, the Line6 UX2, just didn’t have.