Sound Blaster Katana App

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Sound Blaster Connect lets you control your Creative product easily from your mobile device.
Access your favorite music from different sources including microSD card and switch audio sources wirelessly.

Ratings and Reviews

First, the good news. The hardware - the speaker itself is fine.Now..the not so good.

This application is well beneath the quality level I’d expect from Creative Labs.
The problems are numerous.1. The app seems to lose connection to the device (speaker) frequently - despite never being more than 6’ from the phone.
The iPhone will indicate Bluetooth is still connected, yet control functions through the app are unavailable.2. The hardware supports 128Gb USB flash, but when plugging the USB drive in, the app could not index the USB flash drives contents. As the FLASH drive is a exFAT formatted drive with a relatively simple file system, not sure what the problem was there.3.