Sound Blaster Titanium X Fi

Posted on  by admin
First off, the card sounds great.Creatives software on the other hand, is a 'solid' 4 out of 10 stars. When I first purchased this it worked just fine on my Windows 7 machine but after updating to 10 it stopped working and had to wait several months for Win10 compatible drivers. At first things seemed fine, but every month or three it would suddenly stop working and the only way to fix things was by completely uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling. Over the past week, it stopped again but the old fix no longer worked anymore. Now when I tried installing the drivers again it just said "Could not find supported device", so I ended up removing the card. Lo and behold a number of other semi-random issues that have been plaguing my system suddenly seem to have vanished! Possibly, but it happened the moment I turned on the computer without the Soundblaster for the first time.