Sound Blaster X Fi Usb

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Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro. Sound Blaster X-Fi is a lineup of sound cards in Creative Technology's Sound Blaster series. The series was launched in August 2005 as a lineup of PCI sound cards, which served as the introduction for their X-Fi audio processing chip, with models ranging from XtremeMusic (lower end), to Platinum, Fatal1ty FPS, and Elite Pro (top of the range).[1]. 64 MB of dedicated memory found on the Fatal1ty Pro sound card via two Micron Technology 48LC32M8A2-75 D (PC133) SDRAM chips. The top-end Elite Pro model was aimed at musicians, bundled with the X-Fi external I/O box (offering phono with preamp inputs for turntables, high-impedance input for guitars, 1⁄4 inch mic input, headphone output, line-in, and full size MIDI I/O, as well as optical and RCA Coaxial digital inputs and outputs), and remote control. The Platinum and Fatal1ty FPS models both offer a front-panel drive-bay control unit and remote control, while the base model was supplied without any such accessories. All but the top model claimed 109 dB signal-to-noise ratio, while the Elite Pro model uses a higher-end DAC, with 116 dB claimed. The bottom two models feature 2 MB onboard X-RAM, while the top models offer 64 MB of X-RAM,[2] designed for use in games to store sound samples for improved gaming performance.