Sound Blaster X3 Drivers

Posted on  by admin
Hey everybody, I'm looking for some help here, and hopefully someone can offer some.
So I've been enjoying my X3 for about 3 weeks now, it's been great, working without issue.

Multi-Channel Surround

I set the software to update my firmware, which it seemed to do so just fine, but when I went to check it out the Command software immediately crashed. Alright, fine, things get bugged sometimes, whatever. At this point I've done just about everything I can think of to scrub any old software and drivers off, reinstall with new versions, or reinstall with what I started with, nothing works.

Regardless of what version of Sound Blaster Command I install, or what version of the driver is installed for the X3, Command always crashes, and my audio quality is quite poor with lots of crackling.