Sound Blaster Xtreme Audio

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This is the second--such card I am installing.
  • My Core 2 Duo PC with WIN 7 is using this as a upgrade. Now my latest build--a i5-3550 and WIN 7 requires something more than integrated.
I first install the digital sound card--then use Windows[tm]Update Service--to retrieve the latest sound driver.I then use the enclosed CD-for Creative MediaSource applications--Plus.the Auto Updater.
  • When the original X-Fi came out it was the first major new architectural change for Creative and for sound cards in years.
  • It really was a great day for gamers and music lovers. The X-Fi offered so many improvements over the Audigy series, it wasn’t funny, new EAX, new Crystallizer, new driver model, new black PCB.
    • I mean, I still laughed, but that was about the XRAM. There were also major improvements in the architecture too, including a nearly flawless sample-rate conversion engine, and seemingly limitless processing power.
    It blew the DAC’s off the Audigy series, hands down.
    • A case in point is today’s specimen, the X-Fi PCIe XtremeAudio.
  • Creative showed this X-Fi at last years’ CES (that's 2006) sporting the PCI Express.
    • The delays from then until now, about 12 months, were officially acknowledged as ’technical’ issues relating to the PCI Express bus itself.
  • And it’s their most inexpensive X-Fi.
  • This X-Fi also has the same basic set of features that you’ll find in all other X-Fi’s, namely the 24-bit, 96KHz record and playback, the Crystalizer, 7.1 surround sound, and the CMSS3D.
    • It just strikes me a bit odd that Creative would rev the APU and not make such a big deal about it.