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Thor: Love and Thunder - The Loop. Do you like this video? Content approaching. Bounty Hunters 6, Bounty Hunters 7, Bounty Hunters 8, Bounty Hunters 9, Bounty Hunters 10, Bounty Hunters 18, Bounty Hunters 19, Darth Vader (2020) 19, Darth Vader (2020) 20, Darth Vader (2020) 21, Darth Vader (2020) 22, Boba Fett and Other Bounty Hunters and Criminals–class. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Galactic Empire[3]Carida Academy[3]Carida Squadron[6]Imperial Officer Corps[1]Dark Squadron[7]. Carida Academy[3]. Carida Squadron[6]. Imperial Officer Corps[1]. Dark Squadron[7]. Nakano Lash's crew[5]. Bounty Hunters' Guild[8]. Beilert Valance's crew[8]. Vader's crew[9]. Beilert Valance, also known as Valance the Hunter, was a humanmalebounty hunter. Born into slavery on Chorin, Valance became a miner like his father before him. He grew up idealizing the Galactic Empire, which he would later leave his homeworld to join, under designation Cadet 404-913. Valance served alongside Han Solo as a cadet at Carida Academy, the Imperial NavalAcademy on the planetCarida. He was involved in at least two altercations with Solo, and both ended up crashing during an exercise due to their conflict. While covering bombers during a battle on Qhulosk, Valance was shot down, leaving him with several permanent injuries. After being rescued by his fellow cadets, Valance enlisted for the infantry and was deployed to Mimban, where he was severely injured in the ensuing battle. The Empire repaired Valance's body with extensive cybernetics, but he was discharged from service. Valance became a bountyhunter after failing to protect his homeworld from raiders. He was mentored by Nakano Lash, who betrayed him during a mission on Corellia. Valance later resorted to breaking the Bounty Hunter Code by stealing bounties from other hunters. The Hidden Hand crime syndicate eventually tracked down and hired Valance to hunt down Darth Vader. Leading the team of bounty hunters, which included Dengar, Chio Fain, Honnah, and Urrr'k. Valance eventually faced Vader on Heva, but most of his team was killed by Vader, and the cyborg himself was betrayed by Dengar. After capturing him, Vader offered to leave the bounty hunter alive if he worked with the Empire to destroy the Hidden Hand. Valance, however, made a deal with a group of Rebel Alliance operatives. After leading the Empire to the Hidden Hand's main base, Valance escaped, using his payment for the initial job to purchase weapons for the Rebellion, in exchange for the rebels rescuing his people from Chorin. Valance later took on a job from his old friend Han Solo, who had become a rebel, which involved delivering the engineerVharn and the schematics for a shield generator to the Rebellion. During the mission, he killed Vharn after learning of his treachery. After delivering the schematics to the Rebellion personally, he requested that they spend half the credits to ransom Vharn's family. Around 3 ABY, Lash resurfaced with a bounty on her head, attracting the attention of several bounty hunters. When Valance learned about Lash's resurgence, he began tracking her down. He followed Lash's coordinates to the planet Galmerah, where he engaged in a fight with the bounty hunter Bossk. His path then led him to Ruusan, where he encountered the body of Thisspiasian bounty hunter Ooris Bynar, and later Lash herself in orbit. There he fought Boba Fett, before losing. Fett then left the crumbling ship, as did Valance, who regretfully left Lash for dead while taking responsibility for a Cadeliah, who was under Lash's protection. Soon after, Valance would hand the child off to his old love Yuralla Vega at the rebel outpost on Lowik after paying Zuckuss and 4-LOM off of his trail. Feeling he owed Han Solo for saving him all those years before, Valance was soon called back into action to rescue Rebels from the Spirit of Jedha who were captured by the Ohnaka Gang. Fighting the pirates, he was soon reunited with Dengar. The two soon heard about the bounty placed on Boba Fett for the loss of the frozen Han Solo, and would pursue this opportunity together. This search took them to Nar Shaddaa and Canto Bight, where they fought Crimson Dawn and the assassin Deathstick. The two hunters next targeted the Auction for Han Solo. Valance and Dengar fought Boba Fett on Jekara, but Valance left Dengar on the icy world while accompanying Fett into space to reclaim Solo from the Executor. Onboard the Super Star Destroyer, Valance helped Fett find the frozen smuggler, but Fett blew the cyborg up with a thermal detonator, leaving him for dead while escaping to claim Solo for himself. Escaping his fate through sheer willpower, Valance made his way to the destroyer's hangar to meet up with T'onga on the Edgehawk. Just before escaping and boarding, Valance was captured by Darth Vader and repaired to once again work for the Empire. 1Biography1.2Imperial cadet1.3Serving in the infantry1.4Bounty hunter1.5Return to the Empire. 1.2Imperial cadet. 1.3Serving in the infantry. 1.4Bounty hunter. 1.5Return to the Empire. 2Personality and traits. Beilert Valance was born into a miningfamily which had dug the hills of their homeworld of Chorin for centuries as slaves until the Galactic Empireliberated them. As a child, Valance spoke with his father about his heritage, asking if he would follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps as a miner. His father informed him that, because of the Empire's efforts, their people were no longer slaves, and Valance was free to venture into the stars.[11] As a child, Valance once attended an Imperial parade, where he stumbled into CaptainTarl Sokoli. Sokoli gave a hungry Valance his final ration bar, and inspired him to look past the mines and consider joining the Imperial military.[7] Valance later worked in the mines and soon decided to join the Empire. Before he left,[1]Yuralla Vega,[5] his lover, gave him a red gem to remember her by. Valance's father told him to work as hard as he did in the mines.[1]. Valance eventually became a cadet for the Empire at Carida Academy, the Imperial NavalAcademy on the planetCarida[3] in the star system of the same name.[12] At the Imperial Academy, the Imperial cadets were referred to by their assigned operating numbers instead of their real names, with Valance being known by the digits "404-913." While he was able to seemingly win the love of the Empire, due to his belief in beating others into submission to show he was the best, one of Valance's fellow cadets, Kanina Nico, particularly hated him, even more than she hated everyone else.[3]. Valance came to have a dislike for fellow cadet Han Solo, as he believed Solo was holding him back and viewed him to merely be a Corellianscrumrat. At one point during training, Solo spoke out of turn to their training officerLieutenantTriosa Broog. She responded by ordering the cadets to run up a mountain in full swamp trooper gear. In response to this, several cadets attacked Solo. Afterwards, Valance insulted Solo, claiming scrumrats like him did not belong in the navy. Before Valance could cause any serious physical harm, cadet Nico cut in and told him to let the other cadet go.[3]. While Solo was detained temporarily for trying to escape Carida in a TIE fighter, Valance climbed to the top of the cadet leader board, competing heavily with Nico. When Solo returned to see the leader board, he confronted him again. Solo tried to fight him, but was knocked to the ground by Valance. Solo then kicked him in the groin and hit him around the face with a tray. An officer arrived and questioned the incident, but Solo and Valance dismissed it as a misunderstanding to avoid punishment. Valance briefly threatened Solo after, before they both parted ways.[13]. Later, Valance was partnered with Lyttan Dree for another training session. In TIE fighters, they were tasked with working together against the other pairs to obliterate their target. During the session, Lyttan's brother, Tamu Dree, flew in a collision course. Lyttan abandoned Valance and their mission for his brother, but it was Solo which saved him in the end. After, the cadets were put in a cell for not completing their task.[13] Their punishment was making soup for the other cadets. When Solo became covered in live roots, Valance refused to let the Dree brothers help him.[14]. One day, the cadets under punishment were approached by training officer Yurib Nakan, who reported that their work duties were already fulfilled for the day, supposedly thanks to Valance. He had Valance return to flight training and other four flying the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier which carried the rest of the cadets flying in TIE fighters. As a part of their training session, the cadets in TIEs had to fly across open space to rendezvous with a destroyer while Solo, Nico and the Dree brothers flew the carrier. Following the exercise, Valance was with the four cadets after they returned with the carrier. They had all been reinstated to full-flight status following their success in returning on time. Nakan entered the room after the news came to light and told Valance and the others that they would be combating real enemies.[14]. Valance and the rest of the squad were assigned to Qhulosk. Before the Battle of Howlan, he argued with Nakan about Solo's fitness to fly into battle. Once the attack began, Valance took the lead. Solo strafed some cannons, but was pursued by three Qhuloskian fighters. Valance dropped in behind them, destroying them and saving Solo. He then took the point and led an attack on the shield generators that were protecting the Qhuloskian army. After a successful attack, Valance's TIE fighter was hit by enemy fire and heavily damaged. A pair of Qhuloskian fighters got behind him but Solo convinced Valance to turn off his engines so he would drop out of the line of fire and give Solo a clear shot at them. He restarted his engines, but was unable to maneuver his fighter. Before Solo could assist him, his fighter was hit by more enemy fire and he crash-landed, unable to eject.[6]. Valance got out of his crashed starfighter and set up a defensive perimeter. When Solo and the rest of the squad approached him, he fired on them thinking they were enemies. Tamu applied first aid to his wounds. Valance expressed disbelief that the Empire would send his squadmates to rescue him and Solo informed him they did it on their own. While Valance could not believe it, Solo told him that Valance was like all soldiers, expendable. Solo got Valance on the back of his speeder bike, and Valance begrudgingly thanked him for the rescue.[15]. On their way back to base, they ran into a large group of Qhuloskian soldiers. Valance fired upon them, but the squad was quickly surrounded. They were saved by a group of Ghular slaves. After learning Nico's planet was next to be conquered by the Empire, Solo concocted a plan to make it look like she died in combat. Valance agreed to go along with the falsehood but warned her she'd be wanted by the Empire. When Valance got back to base and was sent to medical bay, he learned the Empire would not replace his eye or leg and he would lose his flight privileges. He was upset, but Tamu guessed he would pay for them himself and re-enlist as a soldier so he could continue to serve.[15]. Valance did indeed serve in the infantry. During one battle in the Mid Rim, serving as a stormtrooper, Valance was pinned behind a trench alongside three of his comrades. When one of them asked him if his death was worth it, Valance recounted how the Empire had saved his family, implying that his death was worth it for that. Four enemy soldiers arrived to kill the stormtroopers, only for them to be killed by Darth Vader as he brought reinforcements with him.[16]. During an assignment to Mimban, Valance served as a swamp trooper and was pinned down in a trench with several other troopers. One attempted to climb out, only to have his head vaporized by enemy fire. When Valance failed to muster air support through his comlink, the other soldiers claimed the Empire did not care about them. Determined to complete his mission, Valance led them out of the trench. He was suddenly hit by enemy fire, injuring him gravely as he was swept away by an explosion. As his body burned, he told his comrades to "keep going." At the Imperial medical facility, Captain Valance received cybernetic arms and legs, as well as having the left side of his face cybernetically enhanced. Although Valance wanted to return to battle, his old instructor, Yurib Nakan made sure that he was discharged, wishing for him to not be sent to his death. Valance was shocked at this news, but Nakan told him that he would get to go home, something which most soldiers in the Empire could never do.[1]. Valance returned to Chorin in a Zeta-class Heavy Cargo Shuttle. Upon his arrival, he discovered his home in ruins and a graveyard of miners beside it. Kneeling before his father's grave, Valance said he was "sorry." Approaching the ruins of the village, he found Vega among the people. She told him the Empire had taken everything from the mines and left the people defenseless to raiders, which they were not able to stop. Valance told her he would make the raiders pay. He found where they had been, but the raiders were already gone. He was determined to keep going, and became a bounty hunter.[1]. While residing in a cantina in Phelar Port on[17] the Outer Rim planet[18] of Eriadu, Valance witnessed a boy being harassed by a patron, before a company of stormtroopers entered the cantina and confronted the boy. The cyborg then approached the troopers and began attacking them, while lamenting about how he was a pawn of the Empire and the loss of his "humanity"[17] as a result of the injuries he sustained on Mimban.[1]. Unbeknownst to him, Nakano Lash, a Nautolanbountyhunter, rushed to save Valance as she believed the cyborg would be killed by the stormtroopers. After Valance encountered another group of stormtroopers, he was incapacitated by laser fire, before Lash stepped in to save the cyborg and eliminated the troopers. When questioning why the Nautolan had saved him, Lash, accompanied by the bounty hunter T'ongor and the technicianJhorstek, replied she had once been in a similar situation to the boy he saved, before allowing Jhorstek to repair[17] and upgrade[5] Valance's cybernetics, the cost of which was paid by Lash herself.[17]. Following the event, Valance was mentored in bounty hunting by Lash. Prior to embarking on a job, Valance, Lash and fellow hunters Bossk and T'ongor were stationed aboard Lash's starship, the Starskimmer. Valance used the ship's long-range communicator to contact Vega on Chorin via Receiver Station 356-39, but closed the connection before they could meet. He was then taunted by Bossk, who stated that she would not accept Valance due to his cybernetics. After getting into a scuffle with the Trandoshan, the two were interrupted by Lash and were briefed on the job, which was to assist the son of Mourner's Wail Syndicate's leader, Khamus, in the assassination of a member of the Unbroken Clan[5] on the Core Worlds planet[19]Corellia.[20] The team also hired the revered bounty hunter Boba Fett to help them.[5]. During the mission, Valance moved in to assist Fett in eliminating the Unbroken Clan's members. He criticized Fett for not following the team's original plan, which involved a discreet approach. While exchanging fire with one of the clanmates, Valance's face was struck by blaster fire, melting the skin off the left side of his face and exposing his cybernetics. Suddenly, Lash betrayed her team and killed Khamus. T'ongor alerted Valance and Fett to her actions over his wrist comm and told them to flee, but was killed sometime afterward.[20]. Valance worked with a number of bounty hunters over time, including CT-720, BT-823, Kolivo, and a Nautolan, as well as Cavic, whom he considered an ally. Sometime later, Valance teamed up with Cavic and hid from the Empire, traversing the Outer Rim in their starship, the Broken Wing. As they landed inside a ship after flying through an asteroid field, Cavic explained to Valance that he knew exactly where the Empire's reaches extended, and set up outposts across other asteroid fields. Valance was told that sticking together with him would put the cyborg in heavy debt and cut his life short, stating that parting ways with him would make a free man.[21]. During the performance of a hit on Abregado-rae, Valance was part of a job with the Caviness Thorn Crew. In order to prove himself, Thorn forced Valance to make his way through the spaceport and face countless Pyke Syndicate enforcers. After a brawl, Valance took out all of the Pykes and moved on to join the crew for the hit. Scanning the area for the target, whom Valance hears will be paying the dockmaster, he sees the target: Han Solo. Valance is taken aback by this, and fumbles his shot as to spare his old compatriot's life. Soon a fight ensues between Thorn's crew and Solo and Chewbacca. Valance steps in to take out Thorn, but falls over the balustrade next to Solo. Solo is surprised to see Valance as part of a crew trying to kill him, and feels betrayed. Still in shock, Valance couldn't get the words out and wishes to apologize to Solo.[22]. During his career, he notably developed a grudge against the bounty hunter Dengar over an incident the latter referred to as "the Ralen job." [8] In what Valance called "the hangar job," he teamed with the BesaliskFetya. However, Valance was shot down and held captive during the job, and Fetya escaped empty handed.[11] Valance also made a habit of stealing bounties, which put him at odds with the Bounty Hunters' Guild. At one point, he lured a number of bounty hunters who had a score to settle with him at BG-RT's Tavern and Spirits in Level 1313 on Coruscant. Xonr, of whom Valance had stolen five bounties from, confronted him first. Valance revealed his plan to the bounty hunter and incinerated him with his palm blaster. As the other bounty hunters Valance had lured confronted him, he killed them all in the middle of the crowd, further flouting the Bounty Hunter Code.[8]. While returning to his ship, the Broken Wing, Valance was approached by the TarsuntGwi, representing the Hidden Hand criminal syndicate. As the Tarsunt tried to talk him into joining a team of rule breakers assembled by the Hand, Valance initially refused, since he would only work alone. However, he was quick to change his mind when he heard the target was none other than Darth Vader, the Galactic Emperor's right-hand man. The former Imperial met with the rest of the team: the tracker Honnah, the sniperUrrr'k, the slicerChio Fain, the droidArr-Nine-Nineteen, and Dengar. Valance's very first reflex after punching Dengar was to incinerate Arr-Nine-Nineteen, not just out of dislike for droids, but because he suspected him of being a mole. As it turned out, the loose cannon was right, since a snitch for the Hutt Clan was found inside the droid's remains.[8]. Aboard the Broken Wing, Valance took his new team to Arvina. Piloting his ship, he destroyed an Imperial patrol. Although Dengar disliked this, Fain assured him Valance was jamming transmissions so the Imperials could not call for help. Landing on the surface of Arvina, Valance had Urrr'k stay to guard the bounty hunters from afar with her sniper rifle as they entered Fetya's Hollow, in search of Valance's former accomplice Fetya. As Valance led the others into a weapons shop, Fetya confronted them and hugged Valance. He asked for sonic cannons, which Fetya supplied stating the cost was on the Hidden Hand. Fetya then explained how she had been selling weapons to the syndicate and told Valance of one of it's contacts who wore a starbird, the symbol of the Rebel Alliance.[11]. As Valance called her out for working with "the good guys," Fetya told him there were no good guys and the bounty hunters found themselves surrounded by her armed assets. She and Valance exchanged threats until they were both interrupted by cannon fire from an Imperial-class Star Destroyer which was raining down on the whole of Fetya's Hollow. Firing on Fetya's men, the bounty hunters fled the weapons shop and Valance revealed that he had actually amplified the signal of the patrol he had destroyed to lure Darth Vader. Fetya and her men pursued the bounty hunters as they boarded a re-purposed Imperial Troop Transport. Urrr'k, however, fired on them, covering Valance and the other bounty hunters as they fled the destruction that was Fetya's Hollow.[11]. Valance and the crew arrived on the world Heva, where they planned to use an electro-pulse device on Vader in order to immobilize him. They purchased a number of bot-drones from the arms dealerWef, right as Vader promptly arrived in the Star Destroyer Formidable. The team quickly moved to their designated positions. While Dengar and Honnah remained on the ground, Valance flew the Broken Wing with Urrr'k and Fain on board and engaged the star destroyer with the bot-drones escorting them. He ordered Urrr'k to man the guns and shoot down the TIE fighters chasing them, while Fain remotely controlled the drones. He distracted Vader and the other fighters while giving the drones enough time to create a formation and destroy the Formidable. The Broken Wing was heavily damaged in the engagement, forcing Valance to make a crash landing. He and the others quickly escaped the starship as Vader and his forces surrounded them. Using the dust cloud created by the crash landing as an opportunity, Valance and his team trained their weapons on Vader.[16]. Valance prepared the electro-pulse device he had acquired earlier, ordering the rest of the team to standby and await his signal. However, Fain grew impatient and began firing at Vader. He deflected his shots, catching the rest of the team off-guard and injuring Valance in the process. Urrr'k quickly arrived to check on him, revealing her true identity as the rebel spy Gita. Valance then ordered her to cover him while Fain and Honnah were killed by Vader. He dashed towards the Sith Lord to activate his electro-pulse device. However, he failed to place the device on Vader, and was promptly electrocuted by Dengar, who revealed his true client to be the Empire. His betrayal led to Valance's capture.[23]. Valance was transported to the Star Destroyer Vengeance and was interrogated by interrogator droids for many days, dreaming of his past life on Chorin and the battle on Mimban, repeating the words "keep going" in his sleep. Vader entered his interrogation room and ordered everyone else to leave. Valance woke up, stating that he had Vader right where he wanted him. He was tortured and interrogated about the locations of the Hidden Hand outposts, but stated that the outposts were already destroyed. Later on, Valance managed to escape by severing his arm, and copied the data on the outposts by connecting his arm to the terminal. Using the noise produced by the limb, he attracted and incapacitated the stormtroopers outside the room, disguising as one of them in the process. However, he discovered that the Broken Wing was also brought on board, and was caught by Vader. Vader accompanied him on the starship and traveled to his homeworld, Chorin.[1]. While on the planet, Valance lamented the attack on his village, stating that while the Empire abandoned the planet, he also abandoned his people. He told the story of how he returned to kill the raiders that laid waste to his home, but was too late as they had already left. He explained to Vader that the Hidden Hand was created as a result of these events. Vader stated that his people were still safe for the time being, and invited him back to the Empire. Valance later traveled to a rebel outpost on Lowik, where he met Gita and her commanding officer. He stated that he needed to meet the Hidden Hand while the Rebellion required weapons from them. He connected his arm to the terminal and displayed the location of a Hidden Hand outpost, claiming he knew where both he and the Rebellion could fulfill their goals.[1]. As Valance approached the Hidden Hand's main base inside an asteroid field, he was captured, but not before placing a beacon that attracted the Empire's attention. He was brought before Gwi, who revealed himself to be the criminal syndicate's true leader. Furious over the failure of his mission to kill Vader, Gwi immediately began thrashing Valance. The cyborg explained that only he knew about the Hidden Hand's hideout as he deduced its position thanks to his old friend Cavic's advice, and that the rest of his team was killed on Heva. Valance stated that he tracked him down as revenge for his home's destruction. As Gwi prepared to fire his blaster, Vader and his forces, who tracked the beacon, arrived and began assaulting the base. In the ensuing chaos, Valance quickly overpowered Gwi, aiming his own blaster at him. However, he was stopped by Vader as he lifted Gwi in the air, stating that the Emperor wished to interrogate him personally. As Vader and forces took Gwi away, Valance took this opportunity to escape back to Lowik.[21]. Back on Lowik, Gita asked Valance if he could stay and help the Rebellion alongside his people, who migrated from Chorin and escaped certain doom from the Empire. He refused, returning the gem back to Vega that she gave him back when he left Chorin to become a pilot. Valance then traveled to Coruscant to meet his old rival Dengar, who boasted about his earnings to a crowd in the Galactic City. Upon meeting him, he struck Dengar in the face. A member of the crowd pointed out that he was part of his team back when they hunted Vader down, and asked him where he spent his credits. Valance clarified that his team was killed and Dengar had betrayed him. He explained that he used his credits on "something stupid." In reality, he used them to purchase supplies for the rebels on Lowik.[21]. Valance was contacted by an old friend from his Imperial days, Han Solo, who was by then allied with the Rebellion. He traveled to Rimmer's Rest on Nar Shaddaa where he met Solo and the engineerVharn. The smuggler piqued Valance's interest for the job when he stated he could strike back at the Empire. Valance was tasked with delivering Vharn to the Rebellion, who possessed the schematics for a shield generator that could withstand an orbital bombardment. After accepting the job, the cyborg and the engineer made their way to Docking Bay 13, where they were attacked by a TIE fighter. Valance shot down the fighter after damaging its stabilizers with his blaster, but were soon engaged by a platoon of Imperial forces. Distracting them with a thermal detonator, he proceeded to eliminate the platoon and the two made their way to Valance's starship, the Broken Wing, to escape into the Outer Rim.[24]. While in the Outer Rim, they were caught by a detachment of TIE fighters alongside a Star Destroyer, but escaped into hyperspace through an opening in their formation. At the rendezvous point, Valance revealed Vharn's connection to the Empire and threatened him. Vharn pleaded with the cyborg, stating that the Empire held his family hostage. As Valance prepared to kill the traitor, Vharn requested that his treachery be kept a secret from Solo, and Valance agreed before killing him using his palm blaster in order to keep the vital information the engineer possessed safe from the Empire. The bounty hunter arrived on the Home One to deliver the schematics to the Rebellion personally, informing them that Vharn had died during the mission. He requested that half the credits for the job be sent to ransom Vharn's family on Sorgal 12 before leaving.[24]. At some point following[20] the mission from Solo,[24] Valance acquired a droid companion named Nine-Four-El.[17] He also conducted repairs for his palm blaster at one point.[20] Around 3 ABY,[25] Valance took on a job which involved capturing members of a clan of Devaronians within Black Spire Outpost[20] on the Outer Rim planet[26]Batuu.[20] During the mission, Valance eliminated the clanmates before the last surviving member began making a getaway by hijacking a landspeeder. Valance attempted to fire his palm blaster at the speeder, but the weapon did not function despite its prior repairs. As the Devaronian charged towards Valance, the cyborg wrenched a pipe from a moisture vaporator and knocked him out of the speeder, incapacitating him. Valance was then informed by Nine-Four-El of a highly profitable bounty. Unbeknownst to the bounty hunter, the bounty was his old mentor Lash, who had resurfaced under mysterious circumstances. Syphacc, who handed out bounties from Syphacc's Bountiful Bounties, contacted Valance and attempted to inform him of the target, but Valance closed the communication after interrupting Syphacc and declaring his disinterest in the bounty.[20] When Valance learned about his former mentor's resurgence, he decided to track her down.[17]. Valance eventually followed Lash's trail before it went cold at the Safe House on Eriadu, accompanied by Nine-Four-El. Discovering Jhorstek's corpse among the dead bodies in the building, he decided to have a drink and reminisce about the time he first met Lash. He was then informed by the droid that the cameras in the building were also destroyed in order to avoid witnesses. As he pulled out a control panel from a wall, he ordered his droid to stay on silent mode while the latter reminded Valance about property regulation.[17]. Valance connected a wire from the panel to his cybernetic arm, and discovered through viewing security footage that it was Fett who was behind the killings. Using the reflection on Fett's macrobinocular viewplate, he was able to read Jhorstek's lips and learn that Lash had visited the graveyard planet of Galmerah. Leaving Eriadu aboard the Broken Wing, Valance and Nine-Four-El traveled to Galmerah, unknowingly pursued by the bounty hunter Ooris Bynar, who had taken the bounty from Syphacc that Valance had rejected earlier.[17] Unbeknownst to Valance, Lash intentionally left clues for him to follow.[5]. Upon arriving at Galmerah, Valance and his droid traversed the landscape before they found the grave of Lash's parents. After ordering his droid to unmute himself, he learned that the pheromones produced by the grave were a recreation of the Nautolan language, Nautila. When Valance touched the water, the pheromone composition changed, and Nine-Four-El stated the scents revealed a set of coordinates. The two were then confronted by Valance's former ally Bossk, who had also followed the trail to Galmerah[17] after receiving information from the archaeologistDoctorChelli Aphra.[20] The Trandoshan blamed Valance for Lash's betrayal, as she had mentored the cyborg in his early bounty hunting days. Valance stated Bossk had escaped from the mission unscathed while the cyborg was left to suffer the consequences of their failure, before the two engaged in a gunfight.[17]. Ordering Nine-Four-El to return to the Broken Wing, Valance attempted to incapacitate Bossk, only to lose his blaster pistol in the process. After his palm blaster malfunctioned, Valance then decided to take Bossk head-on in melee combat, but the Trandoshan leaped out of his reach. Valance eventually knocked Bossk out by smashing an object over his head and tied his hands together. He returned to his ship only to find out that Nine-Four-El's head had been stolen by Bynar, who headed to Lash's location on[5] the planet[27]Ruusan.[5] Boarding the Broken Wing, Valance was confronted by T'onga,[5] who blamed Lash for her brother T'ongor's death.[20]. Following Bynar to Ruusan, T'onga and Valance encountered the Thisspiasian bounty hunter's corpse where Lash and Cadeliah, the heir of both the Unbroken Clan and Mourner's Wail Syndicate, had been hiding. Valance and T'onga then entered a nearby village to ask where Lash had gone, and were met by defensive citizens and a Nexu. After battling the beast, a villager informed them that Lash was nearby, hiding in Clone Wars-era wreckage in orbit. The two took the Broken Wing to dock with Lash's ship.[28]. Onboard, Valance betrayed T'onga's goal of eliminating their target, as the restraining bolt she planted on him was damaged by the Nexu earlier. T'onga was then shot in the chest and killed by Boba Fett, who followed them to Ruusan thanks to the confession of Bossk.[28] Valance lunged at Fett and began a brawl with the bounty hunter, before being electrocuted and temporarily disabled, allowing Fett to attack Lash and the young Cadeliah. They engaged in a short fight with Fett, where he stabbed Lash in the chest. As the ship began to disintegrate and Fett fled the scene, Valance had to leave her to die after desiring to, yet failing to save his former mentor. Valance was the sole protector of Cadeliah, with whom he escaped on the Broken Wing just as the Unbroken Clan arrived to destroy Lash once and for all.[29]. To get repairs on his injured cybernetics, Valance brought Cadeliah to the Spur Orbiting Market. While stopping for food, he and the girl barely escaped an ambush from an Arcona bounty hunter before making it to Slade's Repairs, where Valance could get his palm blasters repaired and improved. Unknown to him, the Unbroken Clan's general Vukorah has enlisted the help of famed bounty hunting duo Zuckuss and 4-LOM to hunt him down. The two quickly reached the repair shop, and shot down the technician finishing work on Valance. After a brief brawl with the two, Valance had dismembered 4-LOM's right arm, and sliced open Zuckuss's regulator, narrowly escaping with Cadeliah once more. Zuckuss soon revealed to his compatriot, however, that he placed a tracking device on the Broken Wing. On the ship, a heavily damaged Valance and Cadeliah soon arrived on Lowik, to visit Valance's old lover, Yuralla Vega. They quickly greeted each other, as Valance falls into her arms while slowly bleeding out. In orbit, the Mist Hunter arrived at the planet.[30]. Zuckuss and 4-LOM soon arrived on the forested world with a cache of B2 battle droids on Valance's trail. Meanwhile, Vega and some other rebels set up the mess hall's table as a makeshift operating table for Valance. He began to fade away, clutching the fire ruby[30] his love had given him many years prior.[1] Eventually regaining consciousness, Valance witnessed a group of rebel soldiers heading out to protect the compound from the threat detected outside. Valance barricaded the door, allowing for Vega and Cadeliah to escape through a tunnel while he held off the droid bounty hunter.[31]. Outside, super battle droids kept the rebel soldiers busy as Zuckuss ambushed Vega and Cadeliah, battering the former in the head while stunning the youth. Valance rushed into the forest to find his injured lost love, only to find her being cradled by her husband, who confirmed that she was going to survive. With this reassurance, Valance went off to retrieve Cadeliah from the bounty hunters. Meeting the duo at the Mist Hunter, Valance managed to make a deal. He traded them the rare fire ruby[30] to buy time as the Rebellion evacuated their base, taking Cadeliah with them. Valance gave a final, tearful goodbye to Vega, as she accepted care of the young girl, while he left alone.[31]. In the H'unn Cabaret Pit on Nar Kaaga, Valance met with the cybernetically enhanced Syphacc for what he thought was a new job. This was actually a hit on Valance by Tasu Leech of Kanjiklub. After a small fight with the young assassin, and using a waiter droid, Valance was able to escape the club and return to the Broken Wing parked at Docking Bay 27-A. There, he was contacted by Lieutenant Kondra, who asked him for a favor: rescuing a rebel transport, the Spirit of Jedha, which was adrift in the Terminus.[32]. As he arrived at the Terminus, Valance found the wreckage of several X-wing starfighters, and the Broken Wing was promptly attacked by several of the Ohnaka Gang's Flarestar-class attack shuttles. Onboard the nearby Corona-class armed frigate, Skragg, the gang's leader, and an imprisoned Dengar gave the command for all guns to fire on Valance.[32] After not receiving any transmissions from the captured rebels onboard, this forced him to eject the escape pod leave behind his faithful ship. His escape pod crashed into the Spirit's hangar bay, where Valance was confronted by CommanderHill Purpura and a small group of rebel soldiers.[34]. Skragg, upset that Valance survived, considered simply blowing the Spirit away and forgetting about the job, but Dengar protested, to Skragg's dismay. Having a knife pulled on him, Dengar confidently argued for his life, telling the pirate captain that he knows who the owner of that ship is, and can best him again. Meanwhile, an imprisoned Valance is questioned by the rebels who do not believe he was there to help them. Commander Purpura planned on surrendering to the pirates, using the rebel cause as a justification for that choice, and ironically accused the honorable Valance of not knowing what it's like to sacrifice your life for something greater.[34]. After Purpura's departure, Valance talked to his guard, Blanch Sproull, who told the cyborg about the mining planet she's from and why she joined the rebellion. She also told him that as a mechanic, she checked the ship's hyperdrive just before it left, yet it still stalled, leaving them stranded in the Terminus. Suddenly, an alarm sounded warning the rebels of the Ohnaka gang boarding the Spirit. Trusting him, Sproull freed Valance as he agreed to stop the pirates, just before she told him that there was one remaining starfighter on the transport, yet no one to fly it.[34]. Valance, accompanied by droid copilot Tee-Six, blasted off in a lone T-65B X-wing starfighter, taking on the gang's Flarestars around the nearby asteroids. On the Spirit's bridge, Purpura ordered the fighter to stand down to no avail, as Valance continued to destroy the gang's shuttles, and even used a move he had not tried since his time in the Imperial Academy. Seeing as Skragg's Corona-class flagship was docking with the Spirit, Valance broke off the attack and ejected from the X-wing, trusting Tee-Six to transmit a message to Kondra for Rebel aid, as the cyborg boarded the flagship from the outside.[34]. Onboard the two docked ships, Valance aggressively made his way through the pirate crew using explosives, melee combat, and his palm blasters to take out the Weequay and free the rebels. After being freed, Sproull discovered that the hyperdrive motivator had been sabotaged by someone onboard. Arriving at the bridge, Dengar introduced Skragg to his man on the inside, Purpura, the traitor who had sabotaged the ship's hyperdrive. Purpura intended to sell the Rebel Alliance's transponder codes to Skragg, revealing the locations of the hidden groups of the Rebel Fleet. But before this could happen, the power was cut. Skragg commanded his pirates to hunt Valance down and kill him with whatever means necessary.[33]. As he made his way across the ship, Valance took out many pirates before making it to the engine rooms, where Skragg, Dengar, Sproull, and Purpura were all present. A massive brawl ensued,[33] ending with Skragg escaping, Purpura being incapacitated by Sproull, and Valance leaving with Dengar in the Corona-class flagship after the Corellian revealed the Han Solo had been captured by Boba Fett. Just then, a part of the Rebel fleet arrived in the Terminus after receiving Valance's transmission. Kondra, onboard a CR90 corvette, contacted the transport looking for the cyborg, but his call was received by Sproull instead, who confirmed Valance had left.[33]. One of Dengar's contacts on Nar Shaddaa had confirmed a sighting of Boba Fett, so Valance and the Corellian bounty hunter made their way to the smuggler's moon.[35] While traveling through the nearby Y'Toub System, they were attacked by the Mist Hunter, Zuckuss and 4-LOM still being on the hunt for Cadeliah. Dengar wanted to surrender, to Valance's disagreement, so he threatened to kill the cyborg. Flying into an Asteroid field full of Exogorths, Valance believed he had lost his pursuers. Suddenly, the Gand's blasts landed and damaged Valance's ship's thrusters. Having had enough, Dengar knocked out Valance, taking control of the vessel and striking a deal with the two insectoid hunters. He gave them Boba Fett's location, much to Valance's dismay.[22]. Back on Nar Shaddaa, Valance and Dengar searched for Fett, looking to Devono Vix for answers as to why Jabba would place a bounty on his favorite enforcer. This started a cantina brawl that was spotted and interrupted by Chewbacca and C-3PO. Taking his rage out on Valance for his past dealings with the Wookiee and Solo, the beast fought the two bounty hunters, before Valance finally explained that he owes Han for saving his life on Qhulosk. As he left, Chewbacca told Valance to stay out of his way if he truly cared about Solo. Valance and Dengar soon caught up with Vix and learned that Crimson Dawn was back, to their disbelief, and that the syndicate had Solo. Suddenly, Vix was beheaded from afar, as Deathstick, working for Crimson Dawn, closed in on the duo.[37]. On the run from Crimson Dawn, Valance and Dengar sought refuge in Mama Stammoch's workshop, where Valance was repaired once more. Shortly after the repairs were completed, Deathstick and several assassin droids infiltrated the workshop, destruction following in their path. Valance and Dengar narrowly escaped on a landspeeder and faked a crash, which they believed got Crimson Dawn off of their trail. In reality, Deathstick was still following them, following Qi'ra's intricate plan.[38] The two bounty hunters then booked passage to Canto Bight, where they crossed paths with Just Lucky and Ariole Yu, before meeting with Wen Delphis of the Sixth Kin.