Sound Blaster Z Setup

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I am considering getting the Soundblaster Z to upgrade my dodgy X-fi sound card.

However, I have a question for the current owners about the speaker setup. My speakers consist of a set of bookshelf speakers attached to a small amplifier.

The input of the amplifier attaches to the stereo line out from the sound card and everything seems to work fine.

However, I was thinking of adding a subwoofer for a bit more bass, so here is my question: Can I setup the Sound Blaster Z to a '2.1' configuration such that the high frequencies are passed out the Left/Right stereo jack, and the low frequencies are passed out the Center/Sub stereo jack?

According to this picture in the manual (page 32), it looks like it would be possible, but I cannot find any definite answer either way.

From what I understand a 'normal' 2.1 configuration would pass all of the sound out the Left/Right stereo plug, and the low/highpass filtering would be performed by the speakers. I am aware that on many subs I can use the high level input/output plugs to set everything up, but this requires a bit more wiring than I would like to do.

It seems that I could set up the speakers in '5.1' mode, but tell the software that the center and rear channels are not present.

Will this cause the sound card to combine the center channel information into the left/right channels? Using a 5.1 speaker setup without the center channel sucks, as most of the dialogue only comes through the center channel in that configuration.

Also, does the bass redirection allow me to filter the low frequencies from the left/right signals and add that to the subwoofer output?

I'm using a Dell Inspiron 660 desktop, a Creative SoundBlaster Z sound card, and a Turtle Beach EarForce PX-22 headset. I want to know if there is an optimal setup for the card for the best audio experience for my use. I mainly do three things:-Netflix or other cinematic videos.

I want a very cinematic experience with realism and heavy stereo.-Gaming.

I play cutscene-heavy games including Mass Effect 2 and 3, and League of Legends, etc.-Music composition, with Finale 2012cIs there a best setup with the sound card for things like this (primarily the latter two)?