Sound Blaster Z Speaker Connection

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For best experience when using the Dolby/DTS encoder features on our supported Z Series product, here are some recommended setup information that we would like to further share with the community.

Below depicts the connection setup with the Sound Blaster Z Series model

Next, ensure that under your Windows Microsoft Control Sound Panel, the default render playback device is set to Sound Blaster Z Speaker endpoint as its default, with the green tick accompanied with it.

With the default playback render device set to Sound Blaster Z Speakers endpoint, it ensures that any default playback will stream through our device.

At the same time, ensure that the your render SPDIF-Out endpoint is unacquired by any other third-party application, for instance, Realtek’s Dolby application and is available for usage by this feature. Similarly, both options under the Exclusive Mode, indicated in the below screenshot, should be checked for this feature optimal usage.

Next, through the Creative Sound Blaster Control Panel, we could select to turn on/off the respective encoder with Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect feature.

When the encoder is selected/enabled, for optimal playback, the feature will set the device default render endpoint speaker configuration to 5.1 speaker configuration.

With this setup information, hopefully this will assist further in resolving some of the issue this community is facing.

Do note that we are looking into enhancing our existing diagnostic tool to further capture more information that will hopefully help us in understanding the cause of the feature not working, so for those users who still do not have the DDLive/DTS working after following these setup information above, to wait for our diagnostic updates.