Sound Blaster Zxr Driver

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Installation and Drivers. The ZXR Drivers installed without any problems. From a quick look through of the driver suite, those used to the X-Fi drivers will be in for some homework to locate feature and option controls. The driver suite is quite involved so we will take a quick look and make notes on aspects we think the reader would be interested in.

Creative removed the CMSS-3D and replaced with SBX Prostudio routines, which offers all the same functions users required from CMSS-3D such as upmixing and surround imaging for headphones. Let’s have a quick look at some of the new audio technologies available on this card. SBX Pro studio suite offers: Surround, Crystalizer, Dialog Plus, Smart volume, and Studio bass. The ZXR Equalizer offers Preamp Level, 10 bands of equalization with +/- 24db of Boost/Cut. A user preset system offering 10 built in presets. We generally consider EQ presets as guidelines, if you want to use them, tune them to your personal gear and ears.