Sound Panel Control

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When you encounter sound issues or when you want to enhance your PC’s sound levels, it's time to access Windows' sound settings and do some tweaking. However, did you know that there are multiple shortcuts and tricks you can use to quickly get to where you need to be?

In this article, we’ll show you four easy ways to access the sound settings on your Windows PC.

If you want to get into the main audio features on your computer, you can find them all in the PC’s main sound settings.

This includes configuring audio enhancements, modifying app sounds, choosing your output or input device, and more.

These settings also have various troubleshooting buttons that’ll help you easily resolve your speaker and microphone issues.

As such, they're useful to have on-hand whenever you encounter critical sound issues on your device.

If you want to open the main system sound settings, there are a variety of ways to do it:.

The Windows search bar is quite a handy tool that you can use to search for various programs and system settings.

To open the main system sound settings with this tool, type sound settings in the Windows search bar and select the Best match. If you disabled the Search bar, you can still access it by clicking the Start button and typing what you want to look for. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY.

Alternatively, you can open the main sound settings window using the Start Menu, a keyboard shortcut, or the sound icon on the taskbar.

To use the Start Menu, navigate to Windows Start Menu > PC Settings > System > Sound.

To use a keyboard shortcut, press Win + I. To use the sound icon, right-click the sound icon on the taskbar and select Open Sound settings.

The Sound control panel window is quite helpful for configuring the playback, recording, sounds, and communications settings. These settings can come in handy if you want to fix faulty computer speakers, configure settings like speech recognition, or choose various playback options.

Now, let’s take a look at the various ways of opening the Sound control panel window:.

Just like the Windows search bar, the Run command dialog box can really come in handy in various situations.

For example, it’s quite helpful when you want to quickly open certain software programs or system settings.

Here’s how you can open the Sound control panel window using the Run command dialog box:.

Press Win + R to open the Run Command dialog box. Type control mmsys.cpl sounds and press Enter.

You can also open the Sound control panel window using the Command Prompt. Open the Run command dialog box as per the previous steps.

Type CMD and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open an elevated Command Prompt.

Type the following command and press Enter: . The Control Panel is another handy Windows tool that you can use for various purposes. To open the sound settings via the Control Panel, here’s what you need to do:. Type Control Panel in the Windows search bar and select the Best match. Click the View by drop-down menu and select Large icons. Select Sound from the Control Panel menu items.