Soundblaster Extern

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Multi-Channel Surround

7.1 Virtual Surround

A great USB sound card for the price.By default, this card has microphone monitoring/sidechannel. That means that if you use a headset with this sound card, you'll hear the microphone input.

7.1 Discrete Surround

This feature is very useful if you use close-back headsets. However, this also results in a low hiss that is audible at all volume levels.Without sidechannel, the sound card will still hiss if you have very low impedance headphones.

I only found the hiss noticeable with the volume slider on my headset set to 90-100%.To turn off microphone monitoring/sidechannel:1. Install the Sound Blaster software that comes with the sound card2. In the Sound Blaster Play!

3 Control Panel, go to the [Mixer] tab.3.

Under Playback -> Speakers -> Monitoring -> Microphone, either move the slider to 0, or click the mute button on the right of the volume slider.