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The official Japanese Splatoon page has a neat ranking feature that appears to be absent from the English site, so Silconera put together a short guide so you can check it out for yourself.

While there currently isn’t an English version of the Splatoon ranking page, the Japanese one shows data of all Nintendo Network ID, so you’ll be able to check it out even with a non-Japanese account.

First, you’ll want to visit this page, then press the orange login button and enter your Nintendo Network ID.

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On the left part of the screen, you’ll see the above image. Let’s take a look at the four menu options.

Splatoon 2 ranked crack download
  • Friend List: this feature lets you check out your friends and also schedule play dates with those on your friend list. Since it’s in Japanese, it might be easier to use other means to gather your buddies to get your inking on.
  • Ranking: we get to see your average score of the week for Regular Battle and Ranked Battle. The score resets every Sunday at 00:00 JPT, and it is calculated by wins X win % X 10. You can also click on your friends’ Mii to check out more information on them as well.
  • Equipment: In addition to being able to see your gear, last weapon used, rank, and ranking, there’s an interesting part that shows all the points you’ve accumulated with each weapon used thus far.
  • Stage Information: this is another useful feature that lets you see the schedule of upcoming maps. While it is in Japanese, it provides the main images for each map for both Regular and Ranked matches. For reference, “ガチヤグラ” is Japanese for “Tower Control” and “ガチエリア” is for “Splat Zones,” which you can see indicated under ルール “Rule” for each Ranked Battle section.

Yesterday, Nintendo detailed the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational, that will be held at E3 2017 in less than two weeks. Nintendo announced that they would upload a series of videos leading to the event, in order to introducing the Splatoon competitive scene.

Today, the very first video was uploaded, and it’s all about basic strategies, the importance of territory control, and changes being made to Ranked Battle modes for the game.


Here it is:

Splatoon 2 Pc


The Squid Research Lab also shared some some details about the three Ranked Battle modes found in Splatoon 2:

Splat Zones

Splat Zones is a mode in which teams compete for control of areas known as, you guessed it…Splat Zones. If the other team gains control of a zone, cover it in your team’s ink to steal it back! While the rules haven’t changed from the original Splatoon game, the zone coverage status in the middle of the UI now provides more real-time updates.

Tower Control

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In Tower Control mode, teams battle to move a tower deep into enemy territory. As the tower moves along its set path, it passes through a number of checkpoints and–this is key–stops at each checkpoint for a bit before moving on. We’ve deduced that once a team clears a checkpoint, they’ll be able to pass through it again without stopping. Teamwork is key to victory—make no mistake about it!


Rank X Splatoon 2

In Rainmaker, opposing teams battle for control of the Rainmaker, a powerful weapon lying in the center of the stage. Whichever team succeeds in carrying the Rainmaker to the pedestal located in the opposing team’s base will taste the sweet nectar of victory. If you charge the Rainmaker up all the way, the shots it fires will explode when they reach their target! In Rainmaker, the best defense is a good offense, so don’t hold back!

Splatoon 2 Rank System

Here’s some screenshots for those game modes:

Splatoon 2 Wiki

Splatoon 2 (Switch) will be released on July 21st worldwide.

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Source: Squid Research Lab