Stacked Stone Seamless Texture

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A seamless stone texture with reconstituted stone arranged in a stack pattern. The image represents a physical area of 2009 x 2202 mm (79.1 x 86.7 inches) in total, with each individual block measuring approximately 400 x 1100mm.

The joints are filled with mortar and are 2 mm (0.1 inches) in width. Reconstituted stone is a popular aggregate stone product within the architecture and construction sectors.

It is formed by taking the mould of an authentic stone surface and casting it, thus offering the potential for a variety of textures, colours, and patterns.

Seen as a durable, cost-effective alternative to its natural counterpart, reconstituted stone is often used for both internal and external applications, particularly in cladding for building facades and walls, external details such as window sills, and internal feature surfaces.

This texture uses a stack pattern. The stack pattern is the most basic of the standard patterns in architecture and interior design with each unit simply stacked one above the other and no horizontal or vertical offsets.