Standby Generator Service Near Me

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We maintain what we sell! And even what we don’t!

Cummins home standby and portable generators will power your home during any power outage, from hurricanes to planned power outages. Your nearest dealer can help you size and price your generator and installation. Use the generator dealer locator below to find your nearest Cummins authorized dealer. Cummins has partnered with Synchrony to bring financing options to our customers. Please ask your nearest dealer if they offer special financing on a home or portable generator. Regular maintenance to your generator is as important as it is for your automobile or air conditioner.

  • As a Generac Power Pro Premier Dealer, we have a full team of certified / trained technicians on staff, available 24/7/365.
  • We are there when we say we will be or we will contact you to let you know we have had a change in scheduling!
  • The Hale’s team takes pride in the fact that we contact you first before scheduling your service!
  • Scroll down to view our current maintenance options for your Generac Automatic Standby Generator.
  • The Hale’s Electrical Service Team takes Generac Generator Maintenance and Service seriously!
  • If your Generac generator doesn’t come on during an outage, it does you no good!
  • Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc.

has a unique system for our automatic service customers, as well as those who choose to be sent annual reminders. Hale’s Electrical Service, Inc. will keep you abreast of when your generator needs annual / semi-annual maintenance through regular Annual Maintenance Reminders mailed or emailed directly to you.

We are proud to offer traditional Generac recommended service, as well as standard service options. The majority of our customers follow the Generac recommended service for their particular Generac brand (Centurion, Carrier, Honeywell, Watch Dog & Guardian) Generator.